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Ah, many of this weekend’s portrait shoots have been tabled.  Why?


Wait a minute.  I live in Arizona.  And monsoon season is over.  So what gives?  Simple.  Weather happens.

5 shoots scheduled this weekend.  And only 2 shoots were done.  Both indoors instead of outdoors.  The clients were happy to work inside instead of outside.  Of course everybody did want to do outdoor shoots.  Mother Nature sometimes has other plans.  So we’ll be rescheduling 3 sessions when the weather breaks.  And apparently that won’t be for a few days.

According to my weather dashboard widget on the Mac, rain is forecast until Thursday.  Hey, we can use the rain.  So no complaining.  Maybe Watson lake will refill a little.  😉

So, what to do with myself?

Edit the two shoots.  Work on image selections.  Update the blog.  Watch the Bourne movie series in the background.  Recharge batteries.  Update the main website’s Portrait section and Service section to list portrait work as a new service.  There, that still keeps me plenty busy doesn’t it?  😉

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  1. Hey!! Your comment about rain just made something click in my brain. There’s a photographer I follow on twitter who’s in Phoenix, and he was just saying something the other day about expecting rain… (that’s what clicked). I really enjoy reading/seeing the content both of you publish, and he’s into HDR stuff, too. Check him out when you get some down time, at (He just recently published a book called Stormchasing Arizona, if that rings a bell)

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