Restoration Daze

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Today I have a lot on my plate.  It’s as if the Universe decided that this would be the week of image restorations and color matching for me.  No complaints whatsoever.

I thought I’d quickly share with you one of the restorations I’m working on this morning.  Let’s start with what we were handed……

I received this nicely framed piece a few days ago from a woman who is becoming a regular customer.  Months ago I fixed some old family photos for her.  This time, a treasured piece of history for a family member flying this plane.

Rather than tearing into the frame I decided to see about shooting the image in frame.  I think it worked well.

The image, over the years, lost its coloring.  And it cracked to pieces too.  If you look real close on the image you find spider cracking everywhere.

So, after shooting it, resizing to the original, using DeNoise and Dust and Scratches tools, then some imaginative coloration we’re here…….

Not completely finished yet, but it’s come a long way.

By the way.  While time consuming, photo restoration is fun.  I love seeing people’s reactions to the images I bring back to life for them.

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