Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk 2011

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Maybe a world wide photo walk around Watson lake, the Peavine trail, and scrambling through the Dells???

The other day I read on Kelby’s site that the next photo walk was coming up.  Cool!  For two years I did the photo walk here in town.  Last year I stepped back and let someone else run it here in Prescott.

This year I threw my hat in the ring to do it again.  See, this year the Photo Walk is scheduled for Oct 1st or 2nd.  WooooHooo!  Cooler temps.  That means later start times, not sweating my but off (although I’m looking to shed a few pounds), and a longer walk if you like.

Want to know more about this year’s walk?  Head on over to the official link for it and check it out for yourself.  I think I’ll be looking to do it October 1st if I get accepted.  Then we’ll have to start planning where to have it.  In town, in the Dells, somewhere yet to be determined……

Finally, I’d love to see someone from Prescott win it this year.  Or even from Arizona.  Remember.  100 years of statehood.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see an AZ photo in the winner’s circle, better yet, an image relating to the centennial?  Would love to see that!

As information filters down to me I’ll let you know if it’s me who will be doing the walk this year.  See you in October.

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