Rock art in the Granite Dells

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petrog-1I really enjoy petroglyphs and finding them on rock faces in Arizona.  I’ve seen rock art in Sedona, the Promised Land, and around rocks in Prescott.  Pretty cool stuff, and I try to photograph any I find.

Saturday I took a walk into the Dells once again with an old high school friend.  Showed him around my backyard, and he got to see a few fun climbs.

Before heading back to the Airstream we stood atop Thor’s Wall, and I saw something I hadn’t seen before in the Dells.  New rock art.  Oh yeah, this isn’t your standard rock art!

In the past few months somebody made their way into the Dells and painted all over the rocks.  Heck, I’ve found spray painted Fraternity symbols here and there in the Dells.  Bad one guys, seriously.

Now we’ve got some more grafitti going on in a majestic place.  At least the painter(s) tried to produce things like the old rock art.  Of course, I don’t think the original rock artists popped by their local hardware store for paint……

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  1. Have been on Padre Island where reception has been on ROAMING, meaning big charges. However, we’re following your blog again and particularly enjoying some of the abstract shots. More later, as we get settled.

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