RV Country’s new truck

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RV repair right around the corner?  Yup.  That’s RV Country’s deal.  And I can tell you, they do a great job!  I’ve had Bob come over and work on several things for the Airstream in the past few months.  Glad to have him so close by!

Well, yesterday’s second shoot was for RV Country, now known as RVC.  Simplify the logo, you know?

Weeks ago I did some photo retouching and upsampling for Bob & Mary.  They wanted several of their images on the new truck, and they decided to let me have a crack at the images.  Glad to say, they worked out amazingly well, and the truck wrap is just so cool!  See for yourself…….

You might also notice something going on in the sky……  Last night I swore we were going to have our first monsoon season storm.  But the clouds couldn’t quite get it together yet.  They’re trying to build up right now this afternoon again too.  I think Monsoons are almost here!  That means great photo opportunities!  Can’t wait!!!

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  1. Nice job Rich. Would you mind me asking how this was shot? HDR? etc? Im having trouble shooting people in HDR and keeping them sharp. Also, the truck looks amazing.

  2. Post

    No problem on the question Jaime. I think once a week I’ll start writing up particular shots.

    In this case….

    5D Mark II with the 24-70mm f/2.8 L series lens. Shot it at 24mm, ISO 400. I had the ST-E2 wireless transmitter on, and the 580EX II flash off to camera right. 1/2 CTO Gel on the flash to warm a little more on the subjects. The sun was setting behind me, so the extra warmth fit with the scene in my opinion.

    Not HDR on this one. Popped it into Photoshop CS4 and used the Topaz Adjust 4 filter. Used the “Spicify” preset and then altered and toned it down a bit. The Topazed layer was on top of the original image, and I lowered the opacity of the layer to about 70%.

    I popped a mask on the topaz layer and I painted the faces so they weren’t so heavily altered by the topaz filter.

    There ya go! I really do like Topaz for fun effects with people in the images. It’s a great tool!

  3. That is a nice truck. And I must agree with Jaime about your work. Very professional effects. I like the illumination. I think your friends were happy.

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