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RV Resorts – What are they?

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A while ago I posted about RV Resorts.  I just wasn’t clear what they were.  So many RV parks throw the word “resort” in their name, and they’re just not a resort.  After the past two weeks I am very clear on what RV resorts are.  We’ve visited two real ones, and they’re pretty interesting.

Summer camp for adults

While working with Sundance 1 RV Resort last week Jodi made a very appropriate observation.  “It’s like a summer camp for adults.”  And she’s totally right.  Let’s see, what did they have to do?

  • Swimming Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • RC car race track!  I’m not joking, an RC car race track!!!
  • Pickleball courts
  • Computer labs
  • Silver smith room
  • Multiple art rooms
  • And so much more…..

In talking with the staff I believe they said there’s over 60 activities per week.

The park caters to an adult community.  55+ is often part of what RV Resorts have to offer.  They’re often geared toward snowbirds.  Folks who are getting away from the cold northern winters in favor of the warm Arizona winters.

Summing up, real RV Resorts have a ton going on.  It’s not just a pool or a hot tub.  It’s a total package offering so many amenities and activities for guests.  And with that, I know what RV Resorts are now.

It’s just a park

Over the years of travel I’ve stayed at many RV Parks.  Those that hang out the resort shingle often don’t live up to it.  Most of the “resorts” out there are a resort in name only, but they still like to charge a higher price with the word resort in their title.

It’s not often you’ll find me seeking out a resort while we travel.  We do like to boondock.  But when we’re working we like to stay in a park for electric, wi-fi, and access to our clients.  So we don’t boondock as much as we would like.  And usually when we stay in a park or resort we don’t take advantage of all the amenities they have to offer.  We’re there to work.  Personally, I always hope for good wi-fi and a good laundry room.  🙂

So if you’ve been confused about resorts vs parks, be confused no longer.  If the list of amenities is a mile long, and there are activities throughout the day it’s a resort.  I feel so much better with the clarification now.

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