Shoot the moon!

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You know, the skies of Arizona are amazing. Monsoonal downpours, cloud builds, wispy feather like clouds, and more….Sometimes, just a hyper blue sky with nothing else going on. That type of sky gets dull….except……

One exception to “boring” hyper blue skies is when the moon shows up late afternoon.  Especially when it’s almost full.  To the eye, it often looks huge coming over this ridge line or that ridge line.  But then you break out your camera, shoot the entire scene, and you see the moon as a tiny little dot above the mountains.  It doesn’t look like you see it at all.

So, what do you do?

Shoot the overall scene first.  Shoot the moon second.  And put them together in Photoshop afterward.  If only my Canon could do a double exposure, but it doesn’t (well, I least I can’t find that function).

Is it realistic to combine the two shots?  Well, in my case it’s the only way if I want to show the moon in a scene the size I saw it.  Odd, but true.

Does it work?  Well, I’m kind of liking the results this morning.  Of course, it’s early and I’m still getting the sleep out of my eyes and getting ready to go to work.  Guess I’ll take a look again later today and see what I think.

And yes, the moon really was out while in White Pocket, and yes, I broke out the 70-200mm just to get it included for this type of edit.

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  1. Are you listing to the left or is it just me? I keep twisting my head around trying to get you to sit up straight…must be the power of the moon, eh?
    .-= sadira´s last blog ..Liquid Sunshine… =-.

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