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The Frame Destination

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Many weeks ago I wrote a “minor complaint” regarding print sizes, frame sizes, and the fact that there is no such thing as an 8×10 print, but crazy people keep insisting on making 8×10 frames. Needless to say, to post generated a fair number of comments……

From those comments I learned about The Frame Destination.  One regular reader commented about the company, and then Mark Rogers piped in regarding his company.  We e-mailed back and forth a few times, and Mark was kind enough to send out a few samples per our discussions.

Pre-set stretcher bars, a frame sample, and a Gallery Pouch.  I’ve been meaning to write about them, and I’m finally taking 5 to do so.

For quite a while over the holiday season I couldn’t get ahold of 12″ stretcher bars or 18″ bars for that matter.  Nobody had them.  Very annoying.  Mark has them!  The bars are heavy duty to be sure, and the final product, a 12×18″ wrap of a White Pocket image looks great.  Very impressed with the bars.

Now, I’m going to talk about the thing that really got my attention.  The Gallery Pouch.  I absolutely LOVE the gallery pouch Mark sent along.  I’ve gotten bags for our clients’ gallery wraps before.  We’ve used bubble wrap to protect prints as well.  But nothing on the order of the gallery pouches.  For shipping long distance I think these would be a great addition to what we currently do.

After receiving the samples fro the Frame Destination I can safely say Mark Rogers and his company get it.  So, in answer to my complaint months ago, there is a resource that was kind enough to identify itself.  Check out the Frame Destination the next time you’re frustrated by working around truly non-standard sizes!

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