So much catching up to do

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Fortunately, there is time.  There’s always time.  Well, except when there isn’t…….

The printers have had no rest

4 weeks running now.  4 weeks of canvas after canvas, glossy after glossy, running out of Polar Pearl metallic, running out of stretcher bars, dealing with back ordered stretcher bars………  Yesterday and today were the first two days in a long time where I wasn’t veneering multiple canvases.  Instead today I was boxing up 23 Satin prints for shipment to Vegas.

Yeah, the print business is on the map.  I hope it stays here for a while.  Getting caught up on the financial side would be nice.  So, to all you readers out there…….  Don’t give me a chance to rest!  C’mon!  Let’s see how much abuse my systems can take!

The Canon vs The HP

Throughout the testing I’ve been really checking out the new IPF8300.  Overall, I’m impressed.  While color profiling it is not the easiest, that’s about the biggest complaint I have.

A few clients volunteered last week to be the first experimental IPF8300 canvas experiments.  3 24×28″ wraps to form one image.  They wanted to break up their panoramic of Monument Valley.  Sunday they stopped by to check out the finished product and were beyond happy.

As I noted previously, I’m finding the 8300 just slightly darker than the Z3100.  We’re talking .25 EV max.  Colors are right on it, there just seems to be a darker set.  Maybe the inks, maybe the plugin…..who knows.  Bottom line, I know how to address the issue simply.  And only when I’m comparing something run from the 3100 against the 8300 does anyone really say anything.  I actually ran a test of George Molnar’s “Eyes of the Canyon” on the 8300 and showed it to him.  I asked him what he thought, and he thought it was as good as all the ones I’ve run on the HP previously.

That’s an endorsement right there.  George wants his images spot on!

Beyond the slight differences, what else can I say about the IPF8300?  Well, it’s super fast.  On rush jobs this will be the work horse for sure!  So far ink management seems to be great.  I can’t even start quantifying how much I’ve run on the 8300, but I’ll sit down and figure that out soon.  How about saying “a lot!”

First show of the Fall

September 24th is the 4th Friday Artwalk here in town.  And we’ll be having our first “show” for the Fall Season.  A ton of stuff will be moved around in the gallery, and we’ll be hanging Casey Fritz up front.  Well, we won’t hang Casey himself.  That wouldn’t be okay.

Reminder mailers will be going out next week, but I thought I’d post the reminder here as well.  This is going to be a fun show, and when you see Casey’s work you’re going to want one of his originals.  Or, like another good friend of mine, you’ll commission him to do something specifically for you!  Seriously.

The Art of Casey Fritz

For those of you who don’t know who Casey is, I’ll tell you…….

Months ago I walked into the Raven Cafe for a mint tea.  The evening before the Raven had opened a new show.  It was Casey’s show.  Giant Robots covered the walls of the Raven.  And those robots were so cool.  I wanted one.  I know, I know, I live in an Airstream……but man, I wanted one.

As I looked at each image hanging in the Raven I noticed something.  I couldn’t have gotten a Giant Robot…..they were all sold.  Image after image.  Sold!  It was like getting to a soda machine and finding no matter how hard you tried, the dollar bill was not going to go in…….  No soda for you.  🙁

Through an interesting set of twists this year Ian got in touch with Casey.  And the result?  He’s going to be hanging in our gallery!  So cool, so very cool!

© Casey Fritz

© Casey Fritz

Casey Fritz as Art

Now that we’ve covered Casey’s upcoming show (which I’ll do again next week too), let’s talk about what the poor guy signed himself up for recently……..

The other day Casey asked how he could get a cool Facebook profile pic like I have.  Hmmmm…..seriously, you just opened a door dude.  So, later this week I’ll be doing a shoot with Casey.  I have so many ideas.  Casey holding hands with one of his giant robots?  Yeah.  Casey in downtown Prescott bigger than a giant robot?  Of course.  Casey tagging the county courthouse building?  Oh yeah, and we’ll see how long it takes us to get arrested…..

So, by this weekend check back by the blog.  Casey Fritz will be the art……or a horrifying hack job of photography.  He’ll be something within the Art – Hackjob range.

Poor Casey doesn’t know that he gets to be my photo assistant and subject.  Low budget studio work here folks.  Anyone who has been on a shoot with me knows, I make the clients carry all the gear while I sip mimosas and snicker that they’re playing Sherpa…. And during the shoot, if he doesn’t set up the lights just right I’ll scold him and throw Justin Clamps one moment, then encourage him not to cry on camera the next.  Ah yes, the wonders of a shoot with me……..

One concept for the upcoming shoot with Casey

So much more….but wrapping up for now

There’s more to follow up on.  Last week’s Elks Theater shoot, toying with OnOne’s Software “sweet”, upcoming workshops (Vulture and White Pocket are approaching fast), and more.  But I’ll save all of it for another blog post.  You know, “Tune in next time to see if Rich has time to blog………”

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