So much lighting information my head is going to explode

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Over the past two weeks I’ve been on another learning binge.  Seriously, information overload in a good way!  Well, a great way!

Joe McNally

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Joe McNally’s Lighting Workshop in Phoenix.  Well, I’d rather it had been in Prescott…..  You know, long drive and all.  But the drive was TOTALLY worth it.

Over the last year I’ve read Joe’s book “The Hotshoe Diaries” (just a great book by the way), watched several of his training videos on Kelby Training, and then re-read and re-watched everything I could.  There’s a reason why this guy is so well known and sought after.  He’s just that good!

The seminar / workshop / whatever you call it, was great.  I think I had an advantage as well.  After reading the above mentioned book and watching his videos I almost felt a “review” quality in the live demonstration put on by Joe.  That doesn’t mean there wasn’t value.  To the contrary, I think it really helped me follow along and not get lost as Joe went through lighting scenarios, gear, setup, wireless flash, and all the rest.  It was quite exciting to see this master at work!

As a side note, it was interesting to see the folks around me, hear knowledge levels, and discover that I really am cluing into this stuff.  For example, as Joe asked questions like, “How many of you know what TTL is?” I found the folks around me did not know what it was.  I seriously think all the reading and practicing that I’ve been doing gave me an advantage.  Not over the people around me.  Just in getting the most I could out of the class.

The best part?  I’ve gotten to apply what I’ve learned very quickly.  This past weekend was stacked with portrait sessions on locations.  And Joe was right there with me.  Well, not really, he’s a busy guy, but you get what I mean.

Would I recommend attending one of his workshops?  Heck yeah!  I’d love to go on one of the smaller classes where you shoot with him someday.  Someday……….  By the way, if you’re going to attend I’d suggest going through his books, and his training videos.  Get the most you can out of the experience folks!

One Light DVD

In addition to attending Joe McNally’s shin dig in Phoenix, I’ve also been watching (and re-watching over and over) Zack Arias‘ “One Light DVD.”  Black Friday Zack ran a very special offer on the One Light tutorial DVD and his companion magazine / book that compliments the class (the “One Light Field Guide”).

Worth it, every penny!

Let me tell you point blank.  If you’re interested in off camera flash, and if you’re interested in what you can do with one light only, you have got to get this class!

Zack appealed to the geek in me quickly.  Inverse square law, tech junk, cool gear, 5 things that control your image……  Yeah, I totally geeked out.  I just wish he’d broken out a differential equation or two.  I would have been in engineer heaven!  Maybe his next class he can round up a chalk board and make up some mathematics that have nothing to do with anything!  😉

I have rewatched both DVDs (it’s a 2 DVD set) 3 times now.  I have jumped to certain sections several times over above watching everything fully.  I’ve been following Zack for a while now on his blog, as it’s always been a valuable resource.  Now after seeing his one light class I have even more mad respect for him than before (and I had a lot to begin with).  Zack is coming to Phoenix next year, and hopefully I’ll be able to save up in order to attend his One Light Workshop in person.

Straight Forward To The Point Instruction

It’s been a while since I purchased Joe McNally’s “Hotshoe Diaries.”  And it’s been months since I watched his last class at Kelby’s training site.  Zack’s DVD is brand new to me, and fairly new to the market.  But there’s a common theme in the training offered by both photographers.

Completely straight forward, completely to the point, no frills, and really good.  There isn’t extraneous information.  Maybe a little entertainment here and there, and that helps keep interest.  But when it comes right down to it both Joe & Zack know how to get a message across.  Their instruction is great for anybody interested in working with off camera flash.

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  1. Hi Rich!
    Thanks for bringing this photographer to my attention. I think that studio/controlled light photography helps tremendously to understand light, subject and their relationship. The workshops that I have taken in the last 2 years were on this area of photography.

    It was a pleasure to stop by your gallery and experience your work in person and have the opportunity to meet you.

    Keep the good work!

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