Sunday’s Whirlwind Tour

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Blue skies and a smoke haze in the distance over the Little Painted Desert

Last week there was a plan for Sunday.  Another day trip to the Grand Canyon, just because.  But the Canyon trip got overridden for a simple reason…..the President was in town.  The worry, road blocks, motorcades, and the rest of the things that go with Presidential visits!  So a new plan was hatched.

For a while I’ve wanted to visit the Painted Desert.  Or at least the Little Painted Desert.  So that became the plan.  Take a ride out toward Winslow, check out the Painted Desert, and see what else I could see.

A lot more occurred beyond visiting the Little Painted Desert!  2 more towns on Route 66 received visits as well.  Winslow and Holbrook got some time and attention.  The Little Painted Desert got some attention.  And I took a very long road trip in the Versa!

After doing the whirlwind tour I feel like I should have taken more time in each location.  Winslow…..yeah, I need a whole day there when I have the time.  And the Little Painted desert?  I need to be there before sunset as the guide book suggested, or at sunrise for that matter.  I can imagine a totally different scene in low light!


Along the edge of the Little Painted Desert

Does that mean whirlwind tours are bad?  No way!  3 interesting spots in one day, and I’ve got some ideas about the spots now.  Here’s the bottom line.  First visit never seems to produce the images I was hoping to take away.  Normally, first visit works out like a scouting mission, and I come away with ideas.  The second time through I always seem to get what I want, or at least close to it.

If you’re in the area, all 3 stops are worth a look.  Enjoy the photographic opportunities!

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  1. Thats funny about the day trip on sunday. I heard about the President’s visit, so we changed our plans, and went to the Canyon on saturday ! After all, it was “fee free weekend”. It was incredibly windy, but beautiful with wispy smoke clouds. I’m still amazed at really how close it is. We got there at 7am with very little effort. Could hardly make out the painted desert though. Just too much dust in the air.

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    The painted desert was an interesting visit. I’d like to get down “in there” to really have a look around. Not sure I’d be allowed in though.

    Glad Saturday was good at the canyon!

  3. On the painted desert walk, I just did some quick checking, and it looks like there is one “trail” into the desert and it’s only half mile long. Then you just go off wherever you want to…. all 47000 acres of it !! just read a post where two guys went off on a three day trek through the desert. Pretty wild and desolate, but apparently, it is allowed.

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