The Black and White Photo Contest

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Ok, we’ve been waiting for this one, right?  😉

This is a pretty simple contest.  I’m looking to print an amazing black and white photo, and I’m hoping that a reader out there has the image I’m looking for.  So, what’s the contest?

  1. Pick your favorite b&w photo.
  2. Make sure to put a little copyright on it somewhere.  I will be posting it on the blog this time around.  All entries will make the blog.  If selected, I’ll need a full sized version for reproduction.  I don’t need a full sized image for the contest.
  3. Keep the photos clean gang!   I’ll contact you if I can’t use the image here.
  4. E-mail it to me.  How do you e-mail me?  Click here, then follow the e-mail link.
  5. Be sure to keep the image size under 10MB.  My mail server will bounce anything over 10MB.

There you go.  The contest will run through July 21st.  That’s the cutoff for entry.  I’ll pool all the photos, post them on the 22nd, and announce the winner one week from the cutoff.

What do you get if you win?  How’s a 16×24″ gallery wrap of your image sound?  I’ll be printing it on Breathing Color’s new Lyve Canvas.  For the runner up, a 16×24″ print of your image on Allure Rag, Optica, or HP Glossy Photo paper.  Your choice.

Alright, find your favorite, or go shoot a new one.  I look forward to seeing the entries!  And I’m looking forward to printing the coolest black & white that’s every crossed my Z3100!

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  2. Miss Lois sent me over and I am very glad she did. I am off to scour my 35,000 + images on flickr to find the winner… Haha.

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    Welcome aboard Lisa! Please pass the contest along to any other photographers you know. Enjoying seeing the work that other folks produce! Thanks for your submission as well!!!

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