The Black & White Photo Contest Winner

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Well, I didn’t get a flood of photos, but I still had an extremely hard time choosing.  The images sent in had some amazing entries.  Thanks all.  Make it a little harder next time!  😉

So, with no more delay, the winner is……


Wendy Martinez’s black and white.  Extremely good shot, and I was drawn in to really examine the scene and the reflection.  I know, you can’t see it well web sized.  Bottom line, this one makes me want to print it so I can see it with more detail.  Congrats Wendy!  I’ll be dropping you a line about it today.  🙂

In addition to Wendy’s image I’ve selected 2 runners up.  I’m also extremely curious to see how the HP Z3100 will handle Lisa’s chess shot, especially the blown out areas.  Finally, Mike Young’s black and white field of sunflowers has a lot going on with the image and shadows.  Both those images will be printed on Lisa & Mike’s choice of paper (Rag, Glossy, Matt, etc).  I’ll be dropping you guys lines too.

Lisa Ceaser - Your Move


Everybody really reached down and found some cool stuff for me to work with.  Thanks!  I don’t do a lot of black and white printing, but I want to.  So, you’ve provided me with some great stuff to work with!

Amazing, I always have a hard time picking.  I think you’ll agree though, looking through the submissions it was hard to pick!  🙂

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  1. Thank you sooo much! Believe it or not, you just made a really miserable day much, much better for me!

    I am sooo excited!

  2. Thanks a million, Rich. I really enjoyed converting images to B&W and was greatly surprised how few held up to the task. B&W is an art and I hope to think more about what makes a good B&W image when out shooting. Also, just picked up a book on the subject to learn more.

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    Oh, and yes Mike, B&W is a different thing. That’s why I did this contest. I was noticing that a lot of my favorite color shots fell down in the B&W world…, I needed someone else to provide me with some fun shots to print. 😉

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