The Chronicles Continue to Continue – Post 1,000

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Whew, 1000 posts already?  How long has this blog been around.  And why the heck am I continuing to continue?  All good questions, all good.  So, let’s take a look back shall we?

Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles – Where it started and why

In 2004 my ex and I picked up a 25 foot 6 sleeper Airstream Safari.  The intention was for longer trips and extended stays in Northern New Hampshire.  04′ didn’t see a ton of Airstream use for fun trips.  Instead it was used as home base while I contracted with US Cellular down in West Virgina.  A switch re-home left me needing the portable home while in WV for a month.

While we did take a few minor trips soon we found winter upon us and the Airstream closed up for the frozen season in NH.  It was around that time that I put my second blog together, Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles.  The intent was to document upcoming fun trips and what we’d do with the Airstream.  Interestingly enough, we never really got to use the blog for my initial intent.

If you’re wondering about my statement that it was my second blog, here’s the scoop.  In 2001 while hiking the Appalachian Trail I kept an online day by day posting.  They didn’t call it blogging in 01, but that’s what it was.  🙂

The start of 2005 found me extremely ill.  Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles had almost no updates for all of 05′ due to the illness.  If you’ve read recently you know, the cause was a root canal done wrong.  It only took 5 years to get actual medical assistance with the matter, some prednisone, entocort, a host of horrible allergies, and running a 16-18K white count for half a decade.  It was a ton of fun, and you don’t even want to see me get on a soap box over the medical profession.  They literally helped to ruin my life for some time.

Because of all the fun and strain with a year of feeling like crap 06′ found me looking for a new place to be as divorce had been chosen as a good option for the former spouse.  Not a happy time for me.  I hitched up the Airstream with a mis-diagnosis in hand and went to try to adjust to being single and sick.  That’s when Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles started getting posts like no tomorrow.

The original blog was very therapeutic.  I documented my travels across the country, kept family and friends updated, and searched for a new location to call home.  The location had to help manage my Eosinophillic Gastroenteritis, and a few other big words.  Once again, back then I thought I had to live with it, and it was not a joyous prospect.  Blogging gave me an outlet to work through my travels and my extreme sorrow.  Someday I’d like to travel the whole country again, you know, while not sick and sad.  🙂  Glad to say, blogging helped.

Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles followed me through NH, MA, CT, NY, PA, MD, WV, VA, TN, SC, NC, GA, FL, AL, AR, LA, TX, MS, OK, NM, AZ, CO, WY, MT, ID, WA, CA, and OR.  There, I think I covered all of the states covered while that blog was in use.  It also documented my final arrival to where I now hang my hat, Arizona.

For more than a year after my arrival in Prescott Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles continued documenting my days.  It also had quite the following.  I always wondered how many folks were following along for the “Survivor” moment where I’d get voted off my own blog.  Never happened, but I bet there were a few folks out there……  😉

Finally, August of 2008 Gadget’s Airstream Chronicles had to be retired.  It had come under numerous hacker assaults (teaches me a lesson for writing about scammers and phishers), and the database was pretty well nuked along with the value of the site.  So I chose to move on to a more secure hosting provider, and drop all links with the original site hoping the hackers didn’t follow.  And you know what?  They didn’t.  It was sad to say goodbye to GAC.  More than 1200 posts when I finally retired the site and started anew.

Of course, the title of this site changed a bit.  Now just “The Airstream Chronicles Continued.”  And so long as I keep living in an Airstream that name will stick.

Klammath Falls, CA. 2006 while traveling

A collared lizzard in Painted Hand, CO. 2006

Red Rocks of Texas (yup, Texas). 2006

Driving from Santa Fe to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. 2006


“The Chronicles Continued” Continues to Evolve

The first post on this new site introduced the changed blog, changed address, and a changing life.  My tagline for the blog is still relevant to this day.  “Photos, Tech Tips, Life 2.0, and more….all from an Airstream.”  Ah, Life 2.0.  I think there have been some patches along the way since this blog went live.  We might be at Life 2.6 right now, waiting for the beta on 2.7………with 3.0 around the corner?

One interesting aspect of the new blog was that it came about right as I was considering a major change.  Striking out into the world of building a photography and giclee’ reproduction business.  All about timing.  And since the inception of the new website folks have seen my photography and business evolve over time.  Almost a front row seat!

2008. My first HDR that I didn't say Blech to.


2009. The Vulture Mine. "After Oz"


2010. Me and a grid spot finding out how hard it is to do self portraits.


2011. Playing with my whole portrait side this year!

I still love Route 66. 2011

White Pocket will never get dull for me. 2011


I can definitely see an evolution in my own shooting style since this blog went live.  And since starting up my business October of 2008.  It’s been an interesting ride to be sure.  Equipment changes, failures, location changes (and failures), growing the business, seeing the business becoming stagnant, growing it again, etc, etc, etc.  Things are constantly in motion, and that does seem to be my one constant.  Looking back over the past 999 posts I think you’ll agree, something has always been going on.

I guess that means I’m not as dull as I think I am.  🙂  Oh, I just opened myself up for comments with that statement.  Let the picking commence!  😉

Interestingly enough, the blog has seen growth too.  A growing readership once more.  Sure, not the numbers the old travel blog had, but getting there.  Man, when you’re on the road everybody really reads along.  When you’re sitting on your butt in studio all the time….yeah, not so much.

The Chronicles Continued has evolved and changed in other ways too.  The old site had a weekly podcast.  This site doesn’t know the meaning of podcast (sorry gang).  Where the old site was therapeutic, this new site isn’t as much.  Sure, it’s great to vent on now and again, but mostly things are good once more.  The health is back (documented here last Spring), I can eat chocolate again (therapeutic), and I feel human.  Now I seem to blog out of habit, and because I hope that stuff on here is useful to folks now and again.  Yes, the podcasts should return.

The Next Evolution?

This past week I find myself standing once again at a cross roads.  Why there are so many cross roads?  I mean seriously.  How about a straight line ahead?  🙂  A few days ago I had a phone conversation with someone who is looking to build a new national network.  It’s all preliminary, but they’d like to be able to tell investors that I’m on board as the guy who will be building it out.  Hey, I’m a damn good network engineer, and I did enjoy doing that job for quite some time.

So we’re now in that soul searching mode.  The job is still months away.  My business isn’t going under, but it’s not growing gang busters either.  Hang in there like that crazy kitten on a tree limb?  Or pitch all that hard work I’ve put in over the past 2.5 years on this business.  Someone else writing the check, or me continuing to not write myself checks?  😉

Seriously, it’s a tough one.  I’ve got time though, nothing is pressing the “you’ve got 2 days to make a decision” button.  But I’ll tell you, the thought process isn’t easy.  I can in fact see myself gaining ground slowly but surely.  The portrait business can grow, and I think I can do some bang up work for clients.  But on the other hand, weekly checks written by a large corporation without fail.  If I have a cold for a day or two I won’t worry about missing out on clients and income (seriously, that’s a tough one as a small business owner).

Bottom line today while typing.  I’m proud of the business I’ve built and the work I do.  I’d like to hang in there of course, but in the end my final decision will have more to do with my head than my heart.  I’m rational, and income always hits the bottom line in my mind.

If nothing else this guarantees readers one thing.  Posts will continue popping up.  I’ll continue sharing photography and tips when I can.  And if I have to, I’m willing to adjust the tagline and put Life 3.0 in.

Guess you’ll just have to keep reading along to see what I figure out.

There’s the wrap for 1K

Well, that’s that.  Post number 1000 is out of the box.  No huge fan fare.  Balloons are not in sight.  Just a post.  A friend had suggested a contest or giveaway, and I gave that a little thought.  Frankly I’d like to see donations come in, not head out at the moment.  🙂  Remember, the Titan isn’t finished with repairs.  🙂

Alright everyone, thanks for reading along!  The pressure is off and 1K is history now.

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  1. Rich – saw your comment on Jason’s blog so clicked on link. glad I did and will start to read your blog now..that is if you continue, even if you get busy back in the “real world”…
    Joy 2 U! – Kent

  2. Congrats Rich–I’ve been a long time reader since Rich Luhr told me about you back in the Gadget days. Actually, finding this blog last year was rather accidental–and fun! I suppose Blog 1.0 must have been one of those transcribed journals? Is it still around? BTW–your podcasts were great–I think I still have them on my old ipod!

    As for the current shift, I think Joseph Campbell had it right: “follow your bliss.” You could go in many different directions and not lose one component of your passion for life and photography. It’s just a new exercise at re-integration, which you seem to be really good at. If you stick out this business, my impression is that there’s room for raising your pricing…also, what about teaching again?

  3. I started following your blog 2 or 3 years ago, after I googled “Airstream,” looking for info on Airstream Motor Homes. I thought I was going to be reading on life inside an Airstream trailer. But the photography hooked me and I’ve been checking your blog regular ever since.

  4. Post

    Lol Phil!

    Once upon a time there was more travel, more Airstream. At this point, 5 years full time I can tell you this about the Airstream…..

    Small space, limited storage for full time, “junk management” made easy. And for full timing 5 years I can say the Airstream has held up super well! 🙂

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