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The Osprey with the large Clik lens pouch

Several weeks before my most recent trip (I won’t even name the place….you know where….) I ordered in a few Clik Elite lens pouches.  I had actually hoped to get an opportunity to review a few of their packs, but you know how it goes.  Everybody gets in touch for a free pack, etc, etc, etc…….I never heard back from Clik after contacting them, but maybe they’ve already got all the press they need.

Months ago I wrote about my wishes for a better “adventure photography” camera pack.  Water bladder, lens compartments, real back pack styling….the works.  That’s when a reader here turned me on to Clik Elite.  I’m glad they made the recommendation!

Instead of running out and buying more camera packs, trying each and finding it didn’t quite do the job, I made the decision to use what I have, and include a few Clik Elite Lens Pouches. Right decision for the most recent trip.

Combining my Osprey day pack with the pouches worked very well.  For a time I kept the large and medium pouches in my backpack with the 70-200mm and 24-70mm Canon L series lenses.  The pouches kept the lenses cozy and safe even with other hiking gear and snacks in the pack.  And the Osprey’s water bladder area allowed me to keep 100 oz of water with me while wandering the slick rock and sand dunes.

The Clik pouches are very impressive.  The zippers close extremely tight, and no additional dust or junk found its way into the pouches.  Plus the padding in the pouches goes well beyond any lens pouch I’ve ever used previously.

Finally, the velcro loops on the back of each pouch are pretty much bomb proof.  As I began switching lenses while hiking I decided to keep the large pouch out and available.  The velcro cinched around one of the back pack’s compression straps and stayed on through a good deal of hiking throughout the day.  I realized quickly that I didn’t need to recheck the pouch to see if it was secure… was absolutely secure.

Go figure, there is one complaint with the Clik Elite Lens Pouches for me….it’s not a huge one, but big enough.  The medium pouches were purchased for my 17-40mm and 24-70mm L Series lenses.  I actually make use of the lens hoods when I’m out shooting, so I keep them with me.  There was absolutely no way either hood would fit with the lens into the medium pouches.  The lenses fit perfectly, and I had to come up with an alternate solution.  My fix?  I popped the hoods into the large lens pouch along with my 70-200mm that also had its hood on it.

Bottom line…..if you’re not happy with your hiking / photo pack, and you’ve got a backpack you love, consider the Clik lens pouches.  I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase, even with my one minor complaint.

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  1. The Clik backpacks look impressive. It would be nice to do a side-by-side comparison between the LowePro & the Clik packs – I’m just sayin’.

  2. Post

    I would loved to have reviewed a few of their packs and passed them around to the other guys on the trip. I think 4 points of view would have been amazing.

    Maybe the November trip will bear fruit and I’ll hear from Clik………

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