The dirty, dirty post part II

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The other week I wrote about cleaning my camera’s image sensor with the Arctic Butterfly.  I of course titled the post “Dirty, Dirty stuff.”

Yeah, you were wondering what that original title meant when you first read it.  Then I let you down by talking about cleaning my image sensor……  Don’t worry, I’ve let many other people down too.

Web 2.0 is a unique place.  People read off of your website through “feeds”.  They work like news feeds.  People can build websites that search for certain phrases and then copy the original article from your site to their site.  Sometimes they present it as their own material.  Other times they just use your information to fill their empty site.  Sometimes something else happens.

I’ve read many blogs that get ripped off by other sites presenting information as their own.  I’ve seen images ripped from sites (hence my copyright on each image), articles reproduced with no attributes, etc.  Read around, it’s happened to many people.

So, what’s my point here?  Ah, it’s a fun one.

The simple phrase “dirty, dirty stuff” drew a new crowd of web feeds.  Other sites feeding off my  posts pop up often.  The latest round of feeds getting this site attention have surprised me.  Porn blogs.  Lots of them.  See, I said “dirty.”  And you know what I’ve gotten from it?

Complaints!  People linking in from some shady sites finding this site.  No exciting dirty stuff here (other than cleaning a sensor).  So, I’ve been screening a good deal of complaining comments that this site isn’t dirty.

Wow, I’ve said dirty a lot today…..wonder what kind of complaints I’ll get tomorrow.  Oh, and those types of cheese ball comments….yeah, I don’t post them.

Tomorrow is a new day!

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  1. Complaints!?!? gues you need to “sexy” up the blog – darn it – I just said the “s” word… her comes more complaints…

  2. Post
  3. My dotter always uses those words very carefully, spelling them so as not to catch the eye of The Google. Thus s3xy, d1rty, etc., etc.

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