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The “Do Nothing Day”

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Say it isn't so! Images from the Whiskey Row Alleyway? No way!

Last week I scheduled a day off for myself.  Yesterday was that day.  I needed it.  Moving, presentations, editing, 4th Friday Artwalk, house warming party, an off camera lighting class on Sunday………  I’ve honestly been worn down.  Worst of all I think I have a sinus infection.  I’ve been dizzier than I was when I was sick for 5 years!  Eeek!

Sadly I have to “schedule” my day off well in advance otherwise it won’t happen.  Something always seems to come up lately.

Yesterday I woke up.  I got out of bed.  Got dressed.  Took one quick trip to the local market for some supplies (beef jerky, Smart Water, chips).  I then returned home and proceeded to do absolutely nothing.  Cartoons were watched.  Video games were played.  I messed with a clogged drain for a few minutes.  The new couch was tested (should I lie this way or that way).  I sat on the back stairs and looked at dirt and the wall.  Clouds were watched.  And later in the evening I went to bed.

I missed several phone calls.  I’ll be returning those today.  All said?  It was a fantastic “Do Nothing Day.”  I think I should have these twice a month or something.  They’re very refreshing!


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