The week of extreme pixelation continues

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This week has been all about pixels.  Restoration after restoration, I’ve been pixel peeping the entire week.  Fortunately I’ve had some positive results too.


Almost finished. I've got to fix the line cutting diagonal on the dress, then should be "there"


In total I’ve had more than 20 hours into 7 photo restorations this week.  Additionally I’ve been working through edits from a recent shoot for a local hair stylist and makeup artist.  Before and after images of her clients for advertising purposes.  So now I sit back saying “Whew, I’m pixeled out!”

Tomorrow will be a different kind of day.  Two presentations and then 4th Friday Artwalk.  I’ll be speaking at a local photo club in the afternoon, and then for the evening I’ll be at Mountain Artists Guild talking about imaging paintings for reproduction.  So I’ll have a break from editing for a day!  🙂



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