The good, the bad, and the ugly

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carwrap-1-of-1The good would be the Taxi Cab print that I recently created.  Just incredible printed out, and more than I expected from the image.  One of my absolute favorites from the Bisbee trip!

The bad would be what I did to that poor canvas print after printing it.  The roll cutter was broken out, as it always is for canvas, and I trimmed up the left over cavans borders in prepartion for wrapping the print.  Maybe I was distracted by light streaming in through the windows, maybe I was humming some awful tune, maybe I just wasn’t paying attention.  Whatever the excuse, I over cut the canvas and left myself very little to work with for wrapping.

The ugly would be the top left corner of the wrap.  Look at the photo here and you’ll notice a small bit of black border showing on the top front of the print.  Yeah, that was the best I could do with it given how tight I was on canvas to stretch over the bars.  But I did get it over the bars!  Still, the small black bordering doesn’t work so well…..for me at least.

What’s that mean in the end?  Several things.  No distractions while cutting, especially on prints I love.  No humming a tune.  Focus, always focus.  And finally it means that I’m selling a “One off, one of a kind” print for a lot less than normal.

This is an artist printed, artist veneered, artist cut (and botched), and finally artist wrapped one of a kind.  What that means is I will always leave myself enough canvas going forward……  🙂  Heck, I’m even going to include one of our Giclee’ Certificates of authenticity stating all of the above and the one of a kind nature.  Thought I’d tell you about it here, as I’ve had several inquiries through the blog lately on prints.

So, what’s the price?  $200 for a 20×30 gallery wrap that normally lists for $400 in our gallery.  Shipping is of course extra depending on where you live.  If you have an interest leave a comment on the blog and I’ll e-mail you directly.  If you already know my e-mail address just drop me a line!  🙂

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  1. $20.00 cash plus free shipping and I want it notarized so I know it is authentic. Thank you. Love, Dad

  2. OR, maybe “someone”… not mentioning any names… has a now half empty / half full bottle of vodka stored behind the printer… I’m just sayin’.

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