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Oh it is that time of year again. says it’s horrible out there, and I have to agree.  Currently in AZ we’re at a 10.2 out of 12 possible points for pollen.  The Zyrtec isn’t cutting it right now, my nose has been dripping (ewwww), and yesterday I felt like I was drunk or something.  Yeah, bring on the bloom!

Oh it's allergy season alright

Oh it’s allergy season alright


In order to deal with how bad allergy season hits me I use the Airstream’s small size to my advantage.  Yesterday I closed everything up, turned off the Airstream heater (I’ll explain that in a moment), cranked the HEPA to the high setting, and cleaned out the Airstream.  And with all that, I feel so much better today.

The Airstream’s heating system is a heat blower that runs on propane.  And it does a great job heating less than 200 sq ft of space.  It also sucks air in from outside the Airstream.  And there’s no filter on the air intake whatsoever.  So it pulls in all that nasty pollen and deposits it in the Airstream whenever it runs!  Fortunately there’s a portable electric heater that travels with me too, and that was turned on in place of the main Airstream heat last night.

The results are amazing.  This morning I woke up and didn’t feel totally miserable.  The first 10 minutes of the morning haven’t been spent going through half a box of Puff’s Plus.  So for the foreseeable future we’ve got a simple plan.  HEPA + Portable Heater – Airstream heater – Open windows = Pollen free zone!

The above is a simple math equation.  Don’t let it confuse or scare you!

Soon the heavy pollen will be done here, and we can go back to open windows and enjoying the outdoors!   But until that time the Airstream will stay buttoned up!



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