The Motor Lodge in Prescott Arizona

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A Triumph sits roadside to greet visitors to the Motor Lodge

One of my favorite stops this year was the Shady Dell down in Bisbee, AZ.  Classic trailers, Dot’s Diner, a cool atmosphere.  Total 50’s throwback you could say……

I’ve found myself wishing we had that type of place up here in Prescott.  Shady Dells part deux!  Well, we’ve got something on the order of it.

The Motor Lodge in Prescott takes visitors back as well.  They don’t have cool restored trailers, but they do have a cool little motor lodge, and it’s very retro as well.

I’d met the owners months ago, and never had a moment to get by there and really look around.  Also I’m horrible with names and wanted to save myself the embarassment of reintroducing myself when they already know my name.  Yeah, gotta work on that one, but it’s a trait that’s been with me a while.  Seems to be that I’ll remember someone’s name after 3 times, no sooner……hmmmm……

After working all morning and finally getting home at 3 p.m. yesterday I had a little lunch and then took a much needed nap.  I was ready to fall over.  The nap lasted a good while, and I got up around 5:45 p.m.  Well rested and ready to do something……

So, I took a ride down to the Motor Lodge to check it out.  Extremely cool, and I got a few photos that I liked enough to pop up here.  I’ve got a few more as well, but I’m saving them for the owners of the Lodge.  Think I might have a winner or two that they may just want to use in the future.

Next time you’re in Prescott and looking for a place to stay check out The Motor Lodge!

Note:  I linked to their website, but at the time of this posting it is down.  I called Joe and he’s aware of the web issue.  It should be back up and operating soon.  So, check back in with them if you’re looking to book there sometime!

A classic truck sits out front too!

A classic truck sits out front too!

Cool colored umbrellas dot the Motor Lodge

Cool colored umbrellas dot the Motor Lodge

To me, everything at the Motor Lodge says, "Stay here!"

To me, everything at the Motor Lodge says, "Stay here!"

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  1. Rich is all this you? The person I ran into going on three years now at Point of Rocks Campground. Update, Nathan has a brain tumor and his time is now short. I miss Point of Rocks but, Nathan just can not take the heat.
    Were still in Alaska. Drop a line.


  2. What a fun life you are living from when I first walked the loop at Point of Rocks camp grounds three years ago.

  3. Post


    It sure is me. 🙂 Sorry to hear about Nathan. Tell him I said hi.

    And yes, things are going wonderfully here in Prescott now. Just had to find a new niche!

    By the way, you are my 1000th comment here on the site!

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