The new Airstream Dometic Refrigerator

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On June I blogged about the fact that our Airstream’s Dometic Refrigerator had kicked the bucket.  And of course it died while we were at a client site.  We weren’t familiar with the area, and didn’t know who to contact to get things fixed up.  My attempts to find someone who actually serviced the Queen Valley area by doing a few Google searches were in vain.

Fortunately the park manager at Queen Valley RV Resort had a few numbers.  Unfortunately nobody on the list did mobile repair…however one of the places called referred me to someone else.  ASAP Mobile RV Service out of Phoenix.  So in the end we found someone to take a look at our Dometic Refrigerator.  The result?

The Fridge was dead.  The cooling unit was toast.


  • Get a rebuilt cooling unit for $850, $450 in labor, and no warranty!
  • Purchase a new Dometic Refrigerator for $1600, $250 in labor, $138 in taxes

We’d already paid $220 for the guy to come out and take a look for us.  $150 for the drive out, $70 for his time on the job site.  So we were invested at that point.  And the fact that Dan (the repair guy) actually had a line on a new Dometic Refrigerator in our area?  Yeah, we had to go for it!

We’ve heard from several other RV’ers that they’re having quite a difficult time searching for replacements for their fridges.  So honestly I think we lucked out.  I sure would have preferred to spend $2,000+ on something fun, but ah well.

So, what’s it like getting a new fridge into the Airstream?  Oh, and getting the old one out?  Check the video below and see for yourself!

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  1. Are the doors reversible? It seems like it would be better for you if the hinges were on the left.

  2. When I first moved to phoenix years ago, I rented an efficiency apartment in a new complex of 33 units. One Sunday sitting around the pool, somebody gripped about their refrigerator. It was hinged on the right and it should have been hinged on the left. They were single door refrigerators, with an inside door to the freezer. As the discussion advanced, it appeared that they had probably ordered the correct amount of each, but nobody bothered to place them correctly. In 20 minutes, we all had our refrigerators ready to exchange for the nearest correct unit. All winners! I think there were less than 5 that were correct in the beginning, In the end, all but about 4 participated in the exchange.

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