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The Printer Has Arrived…..

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And apparently the plane that it traveled on crashed.  The printer box was recovered from the crash and somehow it made its way here.

Yeah, sometimes road blocks come up.  This one is a doozie.

This afternoon the delivery folks popped up at the gallery to drop off the printer.  Jantina was there to receive it, and she let Ian know the printer was on site.  So cool.

The delivery guy let her know that there was “some” damage to the box.  The damage had occurred prior to the local Phoenix based delivery company’s receipt of it (according to the guy who delivered it).

Given the extent of the damage to the container I’m surprised these guys took it.  They claim to have noted the damage upon receipt.

Once Jantina got a look at the container she called Ian again.  He came back to the gallery to have a look, and then immediately called me.  He wasn’t too happy, and was pretty worried.  I then became worried.

Right after work I rolled down to the gallery.  Sure enough the package was pretty bashed in.  The broad side had been smashed in, and damage was inflicted on the back of the printer.  I ran my hand along the back and felt gouges clearly made by something pointed and sharp.  The end of the package was also smashed in pretty good, and I’m not sure if any items fell out of the hole.  The HP software pack was smashed pretty good, and I wonder if it’s usable at all.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be calling B&H Photo Video to discuss the issue.  I’m hoping they’ll be able to help.  The printer on its own ran nearly $7000.  It’s clearly been dumped, damaged, and I’m not even sure if everything is in the box.

I’ll tell you, I sure don’t want to ship it back to them in its current box.  The packaging is not serviceable at this point.

This is where I’ll find out what type of company really is.  I’ve had great experiences with them.  But I’ve never needed to return something or deal with their customer service.

Stay tuned.  If you’re wondering how these companies do when issues come up, you’ll get the full story here.  I’m hoping they’ll work with me quickly for a resolution, as we’re opening soon.  And I’m not even going to try and use this printer.  It’s damaged, clearly.

Wish me luck all.  I’ll keep you posted.  Hopefully when they ship a replacement the carrier taking it here doesn’t have their plane go down too…….  😉

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    Yeah, not a happy camper Tombo! The box was totally torpedoed! I’m worried. Can’t ship the printer back to them in its current container as it’s pretty darned hosed.

    I was looking forward to a few test prints tomorrow night. Now I don’t know when I’ll have time with my family coming in.

    Ah, the tension mounts!

  2. Oh man what a bummer. Sounds like you’re taking it better then I would have. I hope they take care of you quickly.

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    Not taking it too well. 🙂 But not taking the product for sure. They’re gonna need to ship a real container to return this poor banged up printer.


    Wow, there goes my blog’s G rating!

  4. The plane crashed and they pulled it out of the wreckage? Oh no! That’s awful!

    Hope they get the replacement to you lickety split… AND IN ONE PIECE this time!

    Take a deep breath… nice calming thoughts…. Nice calming thoughts….

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    Sadira took a look at the package last night too. One stand out, the printer software box had been impaled as well. Not good. Her immediate reaction was to ship it back. She’s also the one who came up with “the plane crashed and they fished the box out.” She’s always so funny!

  6. Yuck. Too late now, but folks who are authorized to sign for receipt of stuff should be instructed to refuse delivery on obviously damaged materials.

  7. Yeah. I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that with the shipping costs that this thing wasn’t crated…then again, if it had fell or been attacked by rabid wolves (just thinking about the plane crash here…there’s bound to have been some down time before they found the wreckage, hence the wolves…they’re always so angry aren’t they? Probably because the airplane food is so bad.) and the printer was indeed in a crate, we would have never known…and it still could have been severely damaged…

    I suppose we’re just lucky there were no wolves in the box.

    Then again, you HAVE been wanting a dog… 😉

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