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The strangest doctor / patient interaction I’ve ever had…..

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In a positive way!

Tuesday Dr. Brimhall was kind enough to take me for an emergency root canal.  I’ll mention again, a root canal on the same tooth that was done back in January of 05′.  Who knew a root canal could go “bad.”  I’ll tell you what though, it did.  The pain on Sunday was intolerable, and Monday was worse.  Glad he took me on such short notice.

Now, here’s when it gets “weird” for me.  Dr. Brimhall was kind enough to give me his e-mail address when we wrapped up.  He told me if I needed anything or had questions I could e-mail him.

Yesterday morning around 3:30 a.m. I was in so much pain.  The pain killer he gave me wasn’t doing the job.  I’d requested a “non-drowsy” pain killer, as I was hoping to get into work.  Well, my mistake for sure.  So, with almost no sleep I found myself e-mailing Dr. Brimhall in the wee hours of the morning.  I didn’t know if he’d respond or what…….

I passed out on the couch for a few, and then my phone rang.  It was his office calling to tell me to come in and get an alternate prescription.  He read my e-mail!  Oh, and right after the phone call from the woman at the front desk I received and e-mail from him to follow up!  Woah!

The percocet has helped, and better yet I’ve gotten some sleep.  I’m still pretty woozie.  Okay, I’m really woozie.

Whoops, went off track. See, woozie.

Last night I received another e-mail from the doctor.  He was following up to see if the new medication helped.  He also told me one more day and the pain should diminish!  Can’t believe an after hours follow up.

So, I just wanted to tell you that story.  Gotta say, I appreciate how helpful Dr. Brimhall has been.    The follow ups are astounding.  I’ve had one other doctor in my life follow up with me, but we’ve been friends for decades.  But normally you don’t get that kind of attention.  So, big kudos to Dr. Brimhall.

Now if I could only figure out if I should go into the office today.  People were by looking for me yesterday, print clients, etc.  I need to image a painting for another client.  But I can’t drive, and I won’t be driving.  I’m still out of it, and the jaw is still hurting (a little less though).  If I go in it’ll be for a short time.

What to do, what to do……….

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  1. Dr. Brimhall’s immediate follow-up care combined with e-mail communication is exemplary of total professional care. These overtly conscientious doctors are not commonly found. The level of patient centered care he provides requires more time and effort guaranteeing the best outcome.

    I wish that all doctors were as dedicated as he. You are very lucky to be under his care.

    Let your customers know of your situation. They will understand your needing to take care of yourself, and know on your return, that you will be performing at your personal best.

    The tourtiere was excellent served traditionally with catsup.

    We wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. If you can’t drive a car, you shouldn’t drive a printer. 🙂

    That’s awesome that he’s takin’ such good care of his patients! I know who to go to should that unfortunate need arise. 🙂

  3. Post

    Actually went in today to get a poster out for a family that just lost a member. Very sad, I’ve done this for 2 families in the past week.

    Unfortunately not all customers were understanding of today’s situation. Bummer! Seriously, I’m a lightweight when it comes to medication, and the pain killers baked me. I’m hoping I can skip them altogether tomorrow.

    But I walked away disappointed with several folks today for being pushy and rude even knowing how bad I was feeling. Something I won’t soon forget…..

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