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Not long ago I’d posted that a newly reformed gallery site for some of my photography was up for the viewing public’s interest.  I’ve received several private comments, an epic comment from my friend Mike, and took it all under advisement.

What’s come out of the comment process is a revised pair of sites.  My photography and the giclee’ reproduction work I do here in Prescott, Arizona.  I think I’m liking the simple style, layout, and interaction between the two sites.  The site addresses are: (the giclee’ site). (my photography site).

Take a look through if you have time.  I’m happy with the consistency of each site, although the navigation bar changes a little between each.  I’m still working out a few other thoughts.  The trouble is, working on web design inbetween customers at the gallery is sometimes tough.  You get on a line of thinking and suddenly you’ve got to retool and think printing for the next client!  Ah well, such is life when multi-tasking, right?  🙂

Oh, and epic comments are welcome!  🙂

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  1. Just a quick note, not the epic variety. I am a bit troubled by the inconsistency of the navigation on giclee site. The major navigation items across the top jump around to different spots as you move from page to page. There is no visual clue on the navigation item that you are on a particular page. Lastly, the submenu navigation takes two different forms: one represented by tabs in the “giclee repro services” page and one represented by drop-downs in the “galleries” page(s). In my view, the tabs are more intuitive and appealing, but I recognize that they could become overwhelming if you wind up with many galleries from which to choose.

    More to follow, probably. Cheers.

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    I figured you’d note the difference in nav bars. One nav bar goes with the photo site, one with the main site. But I know what you mean. They’re quick fixes, but first I’m figuring out if I want to change that or a different indicator like the logo for instance. But I do want people to know when they’re on the giclee site versus the photo site.

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