The White Pocket Workshop Dry Run

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Today's only HDR in the post. 🙂

Prepare yourself for a super long blog post. No, I won’t be typing like a maniac, but I am putting up a ton of images from this weekend’s “dry run” for the White Pocket workshop.

Jason firing away. Thought you'd like to get some perspective on the place.

The images in today’s post, like yesterday’s, are pretty much as shot.  Only the first image has been really worked with, it’s an HDR.  And it’s an HDR of the same image posted yesterday.  Take a look between the two.  The rest are pretty much straight out of the camera.  Any edits are so minor they’re not worth pondering long, and the work done was all in Lightroom.  Here and there I popped the clarity slider up to define edges better, and I pushed Orange and Yellow up about +20 on a few that didn’t relay the color I personally saw.

Just a favorite formation!

Why skip the post processing I usually do?  Simple.  I really want viewers / readers to get the idea that the colors and textures here are real, not added after the fact.  The photos don’t need a ton of tweaking unless you’re trying to create something stylized.  It’s safe to say if you’re a regular reader here you know I like to add my own spin and vision to images.  But today I just want you to see White Pocket as it is.

We weren't alone at WP! Two other photographers were camping there this weekend.

After numerous trips to the area I can safely say that everything is about time of day.  Some areas are best shot at dawn and dusk.  Others look terrible at those times of day, and you’ve got to broaden your horizons as a landscape photographer to capture the scene you want.  As the sun moves across the sky a visually dull area suddenly becomes the most colorful formation in White Pocket.  The usual rules of the golden hour don’t apply to all scenes.  Of course, the golden hours also make some of the most stunning images here…..if you study the formations a bit.

The scale of White Pocket doesn't always come across, but I think this image gives a clue regarding the size and scope.

Okay, enough of my blah, blah, blah typing.  Enjoy the images.  I hope they inspire you to seek out amazing places and visit them too!

Oh, the colors!

This formation gives me a sense of molten rock sliding toward me.

I wish there was more water present. The reflection shots are fun!

Banded curves move off with a sense of motion.

Some formations give me the sense a sculptor spent time creating the area.

Jason nestled against a rock to get "the shot."

Another shot of Jason to give some perspective as to the scale of White Pocket.

My favorite image from this trip to White Pocket. The tree, the shadow, the rocks.

Another photographer at dawn. He traveled 10 hours from LA to shoot this weekend.

I still want to present this formation better. Each trip brings me closer to getting it right.

Jason among the rocks giving the thumbs up. I have a feeling he'll remember this trip for a while!

I wish I had a person in this frame. This place is HUGE!

The tiny figure by the water is Jason. Now you might appreciate how large the formations are.

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  1. Love the pools of water! Yet another perfect example of how the same place can give you something that was not there before. I love seeing how White Pocket gives the “same shot” from a previous visit a slightly different appearance. Possible suggestion for a future post…

  2. You got some awesome shots here Rich and with minimal post production work – it was a pure joy (except for the cold at 2am!) to tag along, thanks so much for hosting the outing! Can’t wait to see your shots with full post work! 🙂

  3. Post

    Tom, sorry you were stuck in Florida for this one. Each time I visit the place it seems different! 🙂

    Jay, it’s a must see, especially if you live in AZ. Get planning! 🙂

    Jason, glad to have you along. Wish we’d had more time. The entire area of the Vermillion Cliffs, Grand Staircase, and Lake Powell are a photographer’s paradise!

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