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There’s a Tsunami on its way……

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That’s right, this weekend is it!  Have you made your plans to be in Prescott?  I sure hope you have.

Tsunami on the Square takes place on June 19th.  You need to bring nothing but yourself, and folks you want to share the event with.

I’ve been in Prescott now for the 2007, 2008, and 2009 Tsunami on the Square.  And each time I haven’t been able to be at the whole event.  The first year…..I didn’t know any better, and I missed out on the amazing fire show in the evening.  The second year?  At work.  And the third year?  Back and forth between Tsunami and the gallery (oh, at work again).

This year I’ve reserved the day.  I’ll sleep late, or just lie in bed relaxing until it’s time.  The festivities start at noon and run into the evening!

Have you ever seen a fire dancer show?  Yeah, pretty cool.

How about local kids performing what they’ve learned from Circus Camp?  We’ve got that too.  Heck, have you ever been to circus camp?  No?  Me either, I lead a sheltered life.

All day long there will be live perfomances.  Stuff geared to all ages.  There’s also a “kid’s cove” specifically geared toward younger family members.  Of course, magic shows and jugglers works for everyone in my opinion.

Best of all, it really is a very photogenic event.  As a photographer I find there’s a lot that I can work on at events like these.  High speed shooting to catch some type of acrobatic feat?  Yup.  Trying to capture a fire breather from a great distance (you will not get near the stage, this is a popular event).  You can try.  Toying with shots around town?  You betcha!  There’s plenty going on, and plenty to practice with to be sure!

So, I’ll hope to see you on the square this Saturday!  🙂

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  1. Hi Rich, great shots! The festival is going to be overflowing with these amazing sights again this year! Don’t miss the animal ambassadors from Out of Africa game park at 1:30pm or the bellydancers in the morning and a whole ‘nother group in the evening! And for those sloths that can’t keep up with Rich or even leave the house for this fun, if you’re in Prescott or PV, tune in on Access 13 and you won’t even have to stray far from the fridge. THIS is the level of service you get from our festival!

  2. My wife and I are planning on moving out to Prescott and we had hoped to be there in time for Tsunami, but it looks like we will be there mid august now. Ah well, next year.

  3. Post

    We’ll look forward to seeing you next year Kenny! You’re going to miss the Blue Grass festival too, that’s another favorite of mine. But still, August is good! See you out here!

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