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Things to do while running a ton of canvas

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5 24×30″ canvases to run this morning.  And it’s only 9:25 a.m.  Way to start the day!

Now, while I sit and wait for canvases to come out, and then for veneer to dry, do I just go dormant?  Does nothing else happen?

Nah, there’s always something to do.  For instance, I can try out new wardrobe ideas with the help of Photoshop.  Don’t understand what I mean?  Here, take a look below…….

My favorite hiking shirt has seen a lot of wear. And it's no longer crisp white. What to do, what to do?

I took some clouds and sky from my recent Grand Canyon trip, popped them over the shirt and made a quick Clipping Mask. Now, blue sky shirt!

I don't think I could ever actually pull this look off.......

So, even when I’m printing for clients, I can always find time to toy with Photoshop and enhance my Photoshop skills.  I’m re-reading the book “How to Cheat in Photoshop,” by Steve Caplin.  Great book, so many fun ideas, and for me, gotta re-read it and practice in order for things to sink in.

Alright, what other textures would you like to see on my shirt?  🙂

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