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Honestly I don’t have too much to blog on today.  Lot’s of standard routine stuff the past few days.  Well, at least it’s stuff that is becoming routine.

First, let’s update the printer situation.  I received a call from B&H Photo yesterday while I was at work.  Wish I’d been available, but the whole 3 hour time difference makes it hard to deal with the East Coast sometimes.  Hey, reality of business, right?

So, apparently my blog reaches further than I ever would have suspected.  I got a note from a B&H employee yesterday as well on the blog.  I’m figuring that’s why I received the call yesterday.  While I had no intention of getting their attention with my update the other day, I’m glad that it did get a response.

Since it’s the weekend I could not reach the gentleman who left me a message yesterday.  Instead I sent him an e-mail and just detailed the issue.  Bottom line, I’m looking forward to getting the printer here ASAP.  And I included a few more things that I just wanted answers on, including the initial offer to refund my shipping fee (made by the first guy who I discussed the return with).  Let’s hope it all gets squared away.  B&H has been a favorite online store, and I’m bummed about the whole situation.

Ok, there’s the printer update.  When I get news I’ll share it with you.  Can’t wait to tell you it’s here and that I’m ready to start taking orders.

Now, a gear shift.

Last night was a Prescott Art Walk night.  Every month there’s an art walk, and last night was it.  Immediately after work I headed down to the gallery.  Change of clothes in the back of the car, bag of rice for dinner, I was set.

Ian was happily perched behind the counter.  A guitarist was setting up in the gallery to play for the evening.  Several customers were looking around.  It was a pleasant scene.  I can’t wait to spend more of my time at the gallery and less of my time at the other job.  Hoping that change takes place sooner rather than later.

We’re talking about creating a new set of podcasts for the gallery.  Several different musicians will be playing at the gallery over the coming months on Fridays.  Ian was wondering about giving these guys some more exposure.  Tell me what you think.  I’m thinking it could be fun!

I ran to the printer room for a while, had dinner, and rolled through a few screens on the Macintosh.  Sadira popped by for a visit while I was in back, and she stayed for a while.  Customers continued to roll in and out.

At several points we had pretty big crowds again.  Groups walking together between galleries.  Ian chatted people up, and so did I.  Between customers I printed a few signs for one of our glass artists in the gallery.  She needed to let clients know her work had been moved to our gallery.  Oh, and yes, I have a smaller printer on hand.  13×19’s.  It’s a starting point, right?  😉

Well, there’s the wrap for this morning.  Time to get ready for work!

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  1. Fun art walk, eh? (I love the idea of podcasts of the musicians as well) I tell you…I wish I would have had time to stroll to some of the other gallerys as well. I think Drawn West has a whole display of altars for Day of the Dead up…I absolutely MUST make it down there tomorrow…

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