Wandering Arizona in a haze

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Literally and figuratively, I’ve been in a haze for the past few days.  Why?

  • Night work on Sunday left me up well into the wee hours of the moring.
  • Not sleeping in on Monday.  Hey, I’ve got this little internal clock that doesn’t like me “sleeping in.”
  • The town was covered in a blanket of smoke yesterday morning from a near by controlled burn.
  • That smoke haze rolled over the Airstream last night and lingers this morning.

Extra Zyrtec, and Zantac (long explanation, but it helps) are on schedule today.  Even with the Hepa filter all I smell is wood smoke.  Oh, and I’m clogged up, so smelling the wood smoke is telling you something!

After waking up too early yesterday I puttered around the homestead.  A light fixture needed repair, laundry, and a few items at Fry’s.  Oh, what an exciting morning!

Once my little chores for the day were finished up Sadira popped over.  We chatted for a while, and then I asked her if she wanted to take a little ride up toward Paulden.  See, I haven’t taken many fun photos lately and I wanted to go out looking for a few!

My friend Dan had told me about an old airhanger out in Chino / Paulden, and I wanted to find it.  He’d also told me about a cool old gas station off of Kelly Drive, but I couldn’t find that on a map.  Gotta talk to him some more about that one.

We never found the air strip or hanger, but on our way we traveled old Route 89 and we found an interesting abandoned stone building.  We continued our drive, and when we found nothing I pointed the Titan back to the stone remains for a few photos.

Today I’m posting 3 shots that I found somewhat interesting.  These images are not yet complete.  See, I want to toy with these a little more.  Currently each has had one pass on the HDR circuit.  I might run them through Photomatix for a second pass.  Most assuredly they will hit Photoshop as well.  I want to work on these, and maybe pick a favorite to repost as a before and after.

If you have any thoughts on which one should get all of the attention I’d love to hear from you.  Viewers choice?  🙂

The building was very interesting to say the least.  Weeds growing through a concrete floor, broken beer bottles everywhere, bent and burned nails from the roof that once covered the interior.  Oh, and more grafitti than I’ve seen in one place for quite some time.

I’ve got a few ideas about what to do with these shots, but feel free to pass along requests if you like one of these photos.  There will be a before and after post complete with the “how” that goes into a final image.

Finally, shifting gears……

I spoke with a representative from B&H this morning regarding the status of the printer.  It either shipped from HP directly yesterday or should be shipping direct from them today.  Finally!  Ian and I can breathe a sigh of relief…….  Of course, that means I’ve got to get printing!  That’s not a bad thing, but I’ve already got a back log of things to do!

Alright, off to start the day.  I’m thinking a mask for the smoke might just be useful today.  Well, at least where I am we’re socked in!

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  1. Zyrtec and Zantac combo… I get it H1 and H2 receptors…both are antihistamines… it’s my secret weapon (I use benadryl and pepcid instead).

    YAY! The printer is coming!!!!!

  2. For artistic value I like the first one. On a personal level though i would love to see the second one with all the graffiti really highlighted. But I’m a bit of a graffiti whore like that. 🙂

  3. The third shot is interesting. There is a “mystery” to that shot in that you don’t know if your looking at a medieval castle or just an abandon building in the desert. Also, the chimney is a nice touch. I really like your photos looking through door, windows, etc.

  4. Rich — those buildings are at what was, in the 30s, a Prescott city park at Sullivan Lake. There is seldom water in the lake bed these days, because it silted up soon after the dam was built — and, besides, WWII came along & everything changed for everybody. However, at melt-time at the end of winter or after a big rain up north, water pours through the lake bed and over the dam. We used to go up there to watch water birds in the 80s; later, the no trespassing sign was put up & we gave it up; besides, each year, there was less & less room for water in the lake bed.

  5. Wow, awesome location… I could shoot a great SG set there, I may be bugging you for directions.
    As far as favorites go I think I prefer the second.

  6. Post

    Josh, I think you’re dead on. Great location for that. Just gotta watch the glass, rusty nails, and who knows what else. Never seen so many broken beer bottles, and other what nots!

    Lois, you know about the H1 & H2 blockers! You rock! Immunologist I dealt with told me to combine them on bad days….and he was right!

    I’m thinking about toying with shot # 2! All 3 will get some play, but Tombo has a point with the wall art. Think it needs some work and maybe a cool result will follow!

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