Trying to work on your own work while at work can be tough…..

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Oh sweet, I love that post title!

RL Charpentier Photography has been inundated with canvas orders yesterday and today.  It’s kept my attention on the printer, canvas rolls, swapping rolls, running out of rolls….etc.  Breathing Color is going to love me!

Every time you think you’ve got a few minutes to work on your own stuff somebody walks in and says, “I’d like to do a 24×36 canvas of this image.”  That’s when you put your own stuff away and get to work on your customer’s file.  Hey, I’m not complaining, but I really want to work more on practicing composites.

I finally had a few minutes right before close to start working on an image idea that I’ve had in my head for Route 66.  I’m calling it “Run away,” and it’s not done.  So I figured I’d present a Sepia version of it until I perfect the color matching I want.  Oh so picky, oh so difficult.  🙂

Of course, when I have some time to really work on this image I will.  And I’ll post the final results as well.  Okay, enough playing around, there’s veneering to be done!!!!

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