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This morning, after laundry of course, I set to work on one of the images of Nick from Friday.  The other week I’d taken a shot at the old silver mine outside of Groom Creek.  I wanted to pull together a mining type image, but needed to pop somebody in there.  Nick’s images in his fire uniform offered a unique possibility.

Looking through Nick’s images I found one that worked well enough and I set about creating something new.  The results are below.  Keep in mind, I’m still learning how to composite, blend light levels, match models to the scene, etc.  This one is close to where I want it, but there’s still a little more work to be done.  Still, thought I’d share the work in progress……

3 different images here.  Nick, the old mine, and a Dietz lantern.  The lantern was actually the hardest part.  I still think I can improve it.  Working more with the lighting, where the light spills, and maybe a second lantern closer to Nick for his illumination.  Still, a fun crack at pulling multiple images into the same scene!  🙂  Below are the original images of Nick and the mine just to give you an idea of where we started….

The non-HDR'd mine shaft image.


Nick as shot in studio.


There ya have it!


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    Fun? Yeah. Now I have this lust for finding things to add into composites. Lately I haven’t been looking at full scenes, but just components. Odd way to look at taking a picture…..

    Who knows what’s next….

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