Tsunami on the Square: A great event and photo opportunity

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IMG_7093That’s right!  This weekend is Tsunami on the Square.  If you look at their website the main page doesn’t tell you the date of the event, but I’m telling you it’s this weekend.

Each year Prescott hosts an extremely unique event downtown.  Tsunami is one of those fun events that’s hard to describe.  Performance artists, kids who’ve attended Circus Camp, and all sorts of unique entertainment.

If you’re looking to attend I’d say you should get here early!  Downtown fills up pretty quickly and parking is hard to find for the event.  I’ll be downtown very early getting my spot in the parking garage…….

I’m sorry to say for the second year Flam-Chen won’t be at Tsunami.  Bummer.  Not sure why they don’t come to Prescott any longer, but they’re a great performing group.  The positive….there’s a lot of great talent that comes out for Tsunami.  So, we’ll see what’s offered this weekend.

Tsunami also presents great photo opportunities.  Lots of candid work all over the square.  So I’ll be out shooting and practicing.  We all know I like landscapes, architecture, and super old stuff.  You don’t see too many people photos here.  I’m working on that!  🙂  And I’ll use the Tsunami event as a practice opportunity.

Finally, some news for folks coming in from out of town……  It’s been very cool here.  Seriously, I woke up cold this morning.  50 degrees.  The afternoons have been very comfortable, and it looks like it will be a great weekend for the show.  My first Tsunami (2007) was way too hot and I ended up back at the Airstream to cool down for the afternoon.  I’m thinking I’ll spend all of Saturday on the square as it should only be in the mid-80’s.  Should be a great weekend!

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    Yeah, that usually is the point of a website. Publish the relevant data. 🙂 Sounds like they’re short on funding this year. As a business owner in the downtown area I can tell you that I wasn’t contacted about supporting the event, and several other business owners I talked to this week weren’t contacted either. Definitely the least publicized Tsunami since I’ve moved here.

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