Two Photoshop tips that will cost a little but go a long way

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Since it’s a slow day in the office I’ve been doing the “continuing education” thing.

Yes, we all know I have stacks of books pouring out of the Airstream.  It’s true.  But this next tip doesn’t involve stacks of books.

The first thing I did months ago was join the NAPP.  Just a great decision.  Tons of useful stuff on the site and I get Photoshop User Magazine now as a bonus.  Hey, it’s a magazine, not a book.  Totally different world.

Item number two is the big tip today.  This morning and afternoon I’ve been watching videos on Photoshop CS4 and learning a good deal.  I’ve got access for one year to all of the training videos on the site.  That’s a lot cheaper than buying each DVD, and new videos are being added regularly.

Today I’ve been watching Matt Kloskowski’s video on Photoshop CS4.  Specifically the CS4 Power Session!  Great one!

This particular class covers a lot of the new goodies dropped into CS4.  Goodies that I’ve covered in one of the books falling out of the Airstream, but it sure is nice to see it in action as well.  My favorite stuff has to do with the content aware scaling, working with depth of field, panormaics, and the updated HDR support.

So, there’s my tips for the day.  NAPP and the Kelby Training site.  Extremely worthwhile, especially when you’re having a slow day at the gallery!  🙂

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  2. Looks like Matt is really onto something with that series. Also, after watching Matts’ intro in Mastering Layers – I need to know – when is it ok not to use layering.

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