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Wearing all the hats

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The plan for January is coming along slowly due to so many different life events and pop up customers.  One of my major goals for the month is to develop some new marketing and branding.  It’s gotta be done, and it’s important for the business.

Being a solo act has drawbacks.  It means you wear all the hats.  Accountant, printer, photographer, maintenance, IT, and yes, marketing guy.  Not my strong suit, but I’ve got to improve at it.

A few weeks back I started into a new “brochure” for wedding clients.  Now I’ve got it nailed down, and I thought I’d share a screen shot of page one.

For a non-marketing guy I think I’ve done a pretty nice job on the 3 page brochure.  Now I’ve just got to get them printed up!

The hat I most want to wear is that of photographer.  As I find myself growing the business I know I’m going to need an assistant soon.  Then I can focus on what I do best.  I have a feeling that this year will be the year a new employee shows up on the scene.  Hopefully they’ll know something about marketing too!

Oh, and if you want to see the full brochure just drop me an e-mail and I’ll send a digital copy along.  Please feel free to get in touch, especially if you’ve got a wedding in your future!

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  1. I wonder about the wisdom of using a New Hampshire area code in your brochure. There is no mention of Prescott or Arizona, at least on the front cover.
    To me, it sort of suggests of another transplant, who’s passing out some outdated brochures. The question might come up “Do I want to deal with a photographer from back east?” I think I would want clients to know that I am local.

  2. Post

    Good catch on that one Phil. My address & number were automatically populated by my Mac. Gotta fix the address and number. I do have a local number, and the NH number is the cell number I just wont give up. Living here almost 6 years now, but everybody has that number.

    The local number for those interested is 928-235-8265.

    Thanks again for that catch! 🙂

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