Weekend update

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I had a pretty straightforward weekend.  Most of it was spent at the gallery again!  😉  What can I say?

So, what’s the news from the weekend?

  • Biggest Print Yet!  Ian had a special request from a client for a reproduction of his “Sheep’s Crossing” painting.  44″ x 77″.  The biggest print that’s come off of the HP to date.  It took a little while to process (3.5 hours start to finish) but it looks great!
  • Splitting hairs by splitting sites….that’s been another project.  My primary site, richcharpentier.com was attempting to cover too much!  So I’ve started splitting it up.  A new site that ties together has just been created, but not completed.  Photo.RichCharpentier.com will specifically address my photography, the main site will address the Giclee’ reproductions.  By next week I think I’ll have the new “photo only” site where I want it, so check back.
  • Watched the latest critiques from Zack Arias’ site.  Numbers 5&6 were good, check them out!  The critiques are part of the reason I’ve started splitting up my sites to keep them simple, clean, and straightforward.
  • Checked out that “Name Your Dream Assignment” site this morning.  I don’t think I’ll be in the running, but the whole concept was pretty cool.  Looking forward to seeing who wins the assignment!
  • Today (yes, I know, not the weekend) I’ll be applying veneer to many, many canvases.  More than 12 big canvases to veneer today.  🙂

Oh, I also got to nap on Sunday.  I needed it too.  I’ve been in a flare up for a while (stupid flare ups) and trying to manage it on my own.  I’ll be checking in with the physician this week, as I’m realizing that this one needs a little outside assistance.  Let you know how I’m doing when I know how I’m doing!

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