Have you seen a Coatimundi?

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quail-1The other week I asked if you’d ever seen a loon?  Then I went into a long story about what I like to photograph and why.  Is this going to be another one of those posts?


This post is pretty straightforward.  Just wanted to know if you’ve ever seen a Coatimundi?  See, I saw one yesterday.  And no, the photo on this page is a quail, not a coatimundi!

The focus on the quail isn’t great.  The face is a little out of focus and the little quail belly is in focus.  These little snots are quick.  Really quick.  They’re like windup toys and their little legs go a million miles per hour.  Especially when you’re trying to take a picture!

Yesterday afternoon I was hanging around the Airstream taking a nap when my good friend Tom Hoopes gave a call.  Ok Tom, I was napping, that’s why I sounded out of it!

While on the phone with Tom I stepped out of the Airstream.  Looking up into the rocks I saw something big sitting on top of a peak in the park.  Big piece of wood?  Nope.  Mountain Lion?  Too small.  Fox?  Not likely, and if it was it might latch on to my leg (we’ve had some rabid fox incidents here lately).

Finally the big “something” started moving down the rocks.  It was like a giant squirrel, but racoon sized.  Really weird.

That’s when I remembered Pat telling me there was a new critter in the area with a funny name.  Many people in the park have seen it.  I broke out my Audubon guide and found the Coatimundi.  Pretty cool.  The camera was grabbed and I walked out into the rocks.  No sitings of the critter, but I did run across several high strung quail on the way.

So, you get to see a quail, but no Coatimundi for you!

I’ll keep trying to get a shot now that I know it’s out there……

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  1. Only time I ever saw a ring-tailed cat was down by the Agua Fria River, near the Badger Springs entrance. Miners reputedly made pets of them in the G.O.D. (Good Olde Days)

  2. …and you said you weren’t sleeping. Your were right, those things do get big (and ugly).

  3. I have never seen one in the wild. About your quail shot, yes those wild things are very camera shy! They likely think you are a predator paying attention to them. I really like seeing a mother quail being trailed by her brood.

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