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A true day off

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That’s right, I took one.  An actual full day off…..

Well, the morning was a little busy.  Setting up a few medical appointments, hit Fry’s Grocery, got the truck washed (it looked horrible), and stopping by the gallery for 5 minutes to see the results of my color tweaks for our new tile press process.  The final item was fun.  Looks like I figured out the color between the Epson and the tiles now (yes, we have another printer).

After my little errands were run I returned home for a different kind of day.  See, I’m fasting today.  No religious implications or anything like that.  Today has been an all liquid day.  I’ve mentioned I haven’t been “up to snuff” lately, and my gut is pretty darned angry and inflamed again.  Haven’t had a spell like this in a long time.

littlebird-1One thing that works for me…..no food for the day just liquids.  I think it gives my body a break, but who am I to say?  That’s why I stopped by Fry’s.  Some extra juice and water.  Mmmmmm….breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.

I’d kill for a Pizza Hut Thin Crust Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza…….haven’t had one of those since 05′!

So, here I am typing away feeling mighty hungry.  Tomorrow will still be a light food day as I’m feeling a little better, but still sore.  I’m sure I’ll get this under wraps soon.

Not much interesting happened today.  I read several chapters of several books.  Sat outside for a while scanning the rocks for the Coatimundi (other people have sited it here), listened to Atlas Shrugged, and then went to watch the rocks again.  Of course a nap was included again as well!  A good day off!

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