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The HitchhikerNext Friday is Prescott’s “Art Walk.”  It happens every fourth Friday of the month.  So, if you’re in town on the 27th remember that it’s Art Walk night.  Many galleries are participating, so take a walk around town.

For me it means I’m making a few more prints.  Especially the popular ones.  See, that article in Pop Rocket the other week gave Ian the idea we should do a “one man show” of my latest stuff.  Eeeek!

Fortunately I’ve gotten some interesting images from ghost towns, in town, Borrego, and more.  Just having to get all the stuff printed is the daunting part.  I’ve got 6 new canvases to veneer and wrap before next Friday.  Now Ian is talking about framing a few more prints.

Just to let you know, I’m no longer a fan of framed prints under glass.  After seeing my images on canvas not under glass I know exactly what I like.  I wish there was more wall space in the Airstream…..I’d like to hang a 24×36″ or two.  😉

tworoad-2Of course, along with the “new” there will be a lot of the old as well.  For instance, I keep running out of the small prints of “Everybody’s Hometown.”  Just the other day a nice couple from Alberta asked me before buying that print if the Chamber of Commerce was using the photo.  I said, “No” and they were pretty surprised.  It’s a popular image for sure.  I’ll be sad when the limited edition is finished out (coming faster than I thought) because I enjoy that print too.  Maybe I should make one for myself even though I don’t have wall space!

If you can’t guess what I’ll be doing today I’ll give you a clue….. it involves the printer!  🙂

Actually I’ve got 3 print clients popping by, a video producer who wants to talk Canon, and one friend who needs a big print for a family project.  Plus I’ve gotta start getting my stuff done with only 8 days remaining!

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  1. I love the lightning over the Dells! Again, I wish I could make it out – I’ll be out soon!

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  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Rich, on my blog site. Since I saw the article in PopRocket on you, I had intended on attending your event on the 27th. unfortunately, I’ve got one of my own at the Sedona Arts Center on the 27th. I will, however, be stopping in soon to hopefully chat with you. I like your work and would love to pick your brain about printing. Also, I’m from Vermont originally, and lived in NH for the last 20 years before moving out here; here being Dewey (PCC). and… my daughter’s significant other has also hiked the length of the appl. trail. I think he did it in ’98. anyway, hope to meet you soon.

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    Sorry to hear you won’t be able to pop by next week. Good luck in Sedona! Hope it goes well!

    Pop by any time. I’ll be in the gallery all day today if you feel like taking a ride from Dewey.

    Ah, just to make you homesick…. I just got an order of VT Beef Jerky in (Hickory Smoked). 🙂

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