What would you do with this image?

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Over the past few weeks I find myself wandering occasionally.  In between clients if I know I’ve got 15 minutes or a half hour I’ve been poking around downtown Prescott looking……

What am I looking for?  Backgrounds.  See, I’m still on my own little composite quest.  And last week I found a scene that interested me.  I returned to the gallery and played around a little bit with the image and came up with the following……

Two doors....they need something


I think there’s an interesting composite in this one.  But what to add, what to add?  And who to add for that matter?  I’m going to need a new composite model.  If you know anyone who’d like to be part of this scene and wants to be imaged in studio here in Prescott, pass it along!  I really want to do something with this one…..  Maybe the tried and true good version of one’s self in one entry way and bad version in the other?  Ah, that’s so over done.  But I’ll figure it out eventually!

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