What’s that landscape photographer doing in a studio?

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Over the past few months I’m sure you’ve noticed a major change here at the Airstream Chronicles.  Normally you’d see landscape after landscape.  But lately people are sprinkled in.  It’s kind of adding a dash of salt to a dish you’re working on……

Woah, there's landscape and a person....how freaky!

To the fans out there, don’t worry.  Landscapes still happen here.  HDR does too.  I’ve written posts on both recently, but I thought I’d reassure you.  See, I got a phone call yesterday from a fan and collector who wanted to get in touch.

She was worried that I was done with landscapes.  So many people shots have been showing up here.  And while she’s enjoying them, she wondered if I’d just gotten bored.  My answer to her was pretty simple.

Yes, I have gotten bored.

Okay, there’s more to the answer.  I’m not bored with landscapes.  I was actually just photographically bored.  It happens.  In addition I cut a deal with myself at the start of the year.  Push yourself into stuff you’re totally uncomfortable with.  And the thing I was most uncomfortable with was photographing people.  So I’ve been working very hard on changing my comfort level with the whole experience, and in addition, making images that really grab the viewer’s eye.  6 months into this new direction I think I can say I’m starting to figure it out, and I’m enjoying myself.

While I’m going down this new road and having a lot of fun, I’m still LOVING landscapes.  More will show up here of course.  Planned trips this year?  Another Coyote Buttes, another White Pocket, more time at ghost towns, days along Cottonwood Canyon Road, and a special kayak trip to Lake Powell thanks to a friend with a big sail boat.  There will be landscapes, be sure.

Plus, don’t forget for a moment that Monsoons are on the way.  I will be out again this year attempting to capture the classic monsoonal burst this year.  I try every year.  I’ve gotten some that I’ve liked, but it seems I’m always looking for the next good one.  🙂  Can’t help myself, I keep wanting to do better.

So, keep watching the evolution.  Don’t worry, I won’t shed what got me started.  And I’m going to keep learning.  If I wasn’t constantly learning I would surely be bored!

Another new favorite image

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