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Through experimentation we learn….often the learning comes due to failure

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Yesterday while toying with my new photographic ideas I was in a rush. Gotta see if things work, gotta try it now, now, now……

So, I started firing away with my speedlite setup at inanimate objects.  Boring, dull, but I did start dialing in on what I wanted out of the images.  But finally I got too impatient and decided to experiment on myself!

If you haven’t noticed, there are very few images of me on the site.  Photographers are not beating my door down asking me to model for them.  Can’t say I blame them.  Behind the camera I’m all set.  In front?  Yeah, there’s issues.  I squint, I make funny faces, and frankly I just don’t know what to do with myself.  Posing, uh, yeah, sure……..

Fortunately Renato came along and let me create a few “good” images.  You know, ones that aren’t self portraits.  🙂  Big kudos to him for stepping into the light for a few moments.

But I decided to post one shot of me from yesterday to show you the “bad” test moments.  The ones where I came out from behind the camera.  I so truly belong behind the camera it isn’t funny…..

Here are the excuses for myself before you see the image……  First, I had the camera on self timer.  I had to run from behind the camera to the chair.  Get seated.  Try not to look awkward.  Figure out a “cool” pose.  And do it all in under 10 seconds.  Oh, and the squinting?  Yeah, that’s me anticipating the flash to come.  Sure, the flash was soft and not right at me, but still I expected it and got ready…..  Alrighty then, there’s the excuses.  Hope you liked them.

Based on this image, I think we can all agree….  A modeling career isn’t in my future.  🙂  Still, the lighting worked the way I wanted it to even if the model couldn’t quite pull off that killer look.  😉

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  1. Photographers need each other for model support. If I let you light me up for your test shots, you gotta come up here and reciprocate! 🙂

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    I’d be happy to come up to CO for a while Jason! I’d love to take a return trip to Hartman Rocks and Creede, CO. 🙂 So, when can you show up for test shots? 🙂

    Next week, a local belly dancer for her advertising material. Also, the super secret shoot that I’ve been working up for months! 🙂

  3. Nice shot, Rich. And with the glasses – Intellectual meets Billy Bad-Ass, just like in real life!

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