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Where am I?

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White Sands NM

White Sands was a great place to visit!

I think this is a problem shared by all full time RV’ers.  You wake up in your rig, make your way through to the door and open it, and when you look out at your surroundings you ask, “Where am I?”

Traveling in any RV full time brings home along with you.  But often home gets relocated and while the interior of your rig remains the same, everything outside is different.  It’s a fun problem to be sure.

On our last few trips I can tell you I had a hard time with the “Where am I,” moment.  While at White Sands I forgot several times where we were when I got up.  It happened a few times at Organ Pipe as well, and Imperial Dam.

At Quartszite I woke up, looked out the door and asked, “When are we leaving?”

When I owned a home in New Hampshire the “where am I,” moment came rarely.  When it did come it was because I was waking up in a tent, or in a Eurovan.  But more than 90% of the time I knew exactly where I was.  Surrounded by a post and beam structure, sleeping in a huge bed, and strolling through a bathroom nearly the size of my Airstream.  No surprises there.

It’s basically road trip season here in the desert southwest.  And I’m looking forward to many more moments where I’m uncertain where it is I’m waking up.  Have you started your trip planning, and anticipating your next “where am I” moment?


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