Oh those Silver Palaces!

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Another silver palace

An AirLight Trailer

Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeing a ton of Airstreams, or things that look like Airstreams but aren’t.  Just the other day we met a guy with an Air Light, manufactured in 1955!  They only made a few, and boy I really thought it was an Airstream.

When we ventured down to Organ Pipe National Monument we were blow away with the number of Airstreams at the park.  The day we arrived there were 9 Airstreams.  Then a few left and others pulled in.  There was so much Airstream traffic going on at Organ Pipe that the ranger who registered us joked, “Oh we don’t allow Airstreams!”

Of course he was totally joking.  But it did feel like some type of mini Airstream rally going on.

Currently at Point of Rocks (yes we’re in Prescott still) there are 4 Airstreams.  The Air Lite that pulled in the other day is already gone, and I didn’t even get to take enough pictures of it.

Since we’ve been seeing so many rolling silver palaces lately I thought I’d put up a small gallery of them for you to take a look at too.

As Airstream says, “Live Riveted!”

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