A busy Airstreamer makes for a happy Airstream

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The dells from The Airstream Chronicles

Great clouds, the Granite Dells, and Granite Mountain in the distance

Ah yes, the past few weeks we’ve been in a waiting mode.  But no longer.  With a few client projects in hand I feel so much better.  Bottom line, I’m not a fan of “idle hands.”  Being busy always brings me more satisfaction!  So, what is this busy Airstreamer up to?

Well, we’ve got two clients for the next two weeks which is fantastic.  A tour company (travel tours all over the world), and an art store here in Prescott.  Combined the two projects mean that we’ll be banging away on websites for a good bit, and I’ll be mentally exhausted by the end of each day.  I like that, it makes falling asleep much easier.

In addition to the new clients, I’ve also just wrapped up a rather lengthy video introduction to our new series of tutorials over at Living In Tin.  Right now the video is uploading, and when it’s done I’ll be putting the finishing touches on the article over at Living in Tin.  There’s also another travel article primed for publication on that site, but that one won’t be out until the end of this month.

Yesterday we had the perfect cloud cover in the Granite Dells, so I headed out with the handy tripod, the 5D, and a LAV mic for my iPhone.  The resulting video from the afternoon’s work came out nicely to say the least!  If you’ve enjoyed my old tutorials here on this site, Living in Tin will be hosting longer ones that are more in depth than my old ones.  So check out the site when you can.  And don’t forget, there will still be more National Monument posts over the course of this year too!

As a teaser, I’m including a short clip of the video here.  It involves rock throwing (Jodi started it I assure you).

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  1. Points about midday photography limitations are well taken… but more rock throwing please!

    Say “Hi!” to Jodie for us!

  2. Post

    We had taken a break from the video, and when I was getting “resettled” the rock throwing began. The actual video is over 15 minutes long, and should be getting posted today or tomorrow over at Livingintin.com

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