Wind and High Sun aren’t the perfect mix for a portrait session

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One of the mechanics working with North-Aire

Today we popped over to North-Aire to get staff photos.  In my head I was planning on shooting in their new hangar with a plane or two in the background.  Instead they really wanted to shoot outside… noon.

I thought to myself, “Oh great!”

Shooting at high noon isn’t the best idea for outdoor portraits.  Normally your subjects get a little squinty.  Actually, they get very squinty.  Fortunately the sky was a little overcast, so that made life a little easier.  The wind was another story though.  Jodi was hanging onto the soft box for dear life while I was shooting.  Sometimes I think soft boxes are more like kites than lighting equipment.

Fortunately everything worked out well.  We got some nice images of the instructors and crew at North-Aire.  And we got through everyone quick enough.  Of course there were those guys who were asking, “Are we done yet?”  Don’t make me turn this car around!

Once again, sorry for the short updates here.  We’re pretty focused on our clients first, and blog updates second.  But soon enough we’ll be back to working on the National Monuments of Arizona!


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