Worldwide Photo Walk Update – 3 days!

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That’s right, the Worldwide Photo Walk is only three days away! Pretty exciting, and for me, also a little unnerving.

When I first read about the photo walk I thought, “Prescott has to be included in this.” So I signed up to be a walk leader. My thinking….a few folks will sign up for this, and we’ll have some fun!

Sometimes I wonder about my thinking! 🙂 A few people signing up? Yeah, right! Scott Kelby has just a few more readers than I do…..thousands and thousands make up that “few.”

We’re currently up to 49 registrations.

Ummm, the maximum for any group is 50. That means we’re one person away from a full house! I don’t know what you think, but I think that’s a lot of people.

Now, when I signed up I figured I might see 20 sign ups. That’s an easy number to deal with. Plus I’ve got folks coming along with a few fun ideas (Sadira, Tombo, I’m counting on you). But with 50…..well, I’m a little nervous now. 🙂

I guess I shouldn’t be too nervous. This isn’t a teaching event. This is a fun event. A group of folks spending the morning together clicking away as they walk through Prescott, Arizona. Not like I have to do much. Just meet up with everyone, and then start walking while people take pictures.

Hey, you know, I’m great at walking. I’ve practiced for years and I feel like I do it well. Not like I’m going to plow into the side of a building or something. And I like taking pictures. Not while walking of course. I stop for a moment, take the picture, and then I walk again. Otherwise I would plow into the side of a building. I can do this!

Alright, the fear has passed! I’m excited again………maybe I should put someone else in charge! 😉


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  1. Be sure to take an umbrella or something. Then you gotta walk backward and say, “we’re walking….we’re walking…”

    That rocks that you have a full house. I can’t wait to see the photos!

  2. This is my first visit to Prescott. Later in the day I’m looking forward to visiting and shooting some of those other spots you have highlighted in your blogs. Got to check out places to park the Airstream and to dip my new kayak and canoe in the water.

  3. Holy Moses does that wide angle make that little alley look a whole lot different!

    Totally psyched to do the walk on saturday. I was thinking about buying a neon pink, sparkly camera case before hand, but I just can’t find one that I like. 😛

  4. You HAVE practiced at walking for a while now, and it sounds like you know your limits! I mean, it would indeed be hard to walk and snap pictures at the same time…think of all the blurriness. I think the walk is gong to be wonderful, and you probably won’t need too much help from Tom and I, but we’ve got your back!

    Hey…I have a whole collection of wonderful vintage umbrellas if you want to borrow one…we could totally match it to your outfit 😉

  5. Mike,

    I saw you’d signed up, and I was happy to see it! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the area! And there’s plenty to see.

    Of course, you could park the Airstream at Point of Rocks. Right next to Watson Lake, and close to Willow Lake. There are several forest campgrounds as well. Can’t remember the length of your Airstream, but I’m going to guess those spots would accommodate you as well!

    Look forward to meeting you!

  6. Neat picture of the stairs… As for the nearly 50 folk: I’m not absolutely sure I can make it, tho I plan on trying. It seems that out of the blue, my Sson is showing up to buy his Pinzgauer from the survivalist from Iowa that he bought on eBay. Obviously, there’s a story worth posting there. The real problem, of course, is the time — I don’t do 8:30 AM very well, but we’ll see. I’ll get there, maybe in the Pinzgauer!

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