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Last night I got together with my new business partners for a little meeting.  Going through the details.  Rent, power, phone, payments, the works!  Everything has been hammered out, and it looks really good.  I’m actually starting to get excited.

I’m also nervous.  A new page.  Spooky stuff, don’t you think?  Here’s hoping it all works out, or at least resembles something that’s working out.

As we were wrapping up our little meeting one of my partners mentioned the landlords are a little nervous about me specifically.  They’ve done business with him before, but they don’t know me yet.  Specifically they’re concerned about my living arrangements and whether or not I’m serious about staying in Prescott.

See, I live in an Airstream.  That has a lot to do with the title of this blog you know.

I guess their concern was related to whether or not I’m serious about staying in Prescott.  Probably a bit of concern that I’m trailer trash as well.

For regular readers, you know the answer.  Yes, staying in Prescott.  Yes, trailer trash indeed.  I even write articles for a trashy trailer magazine from time to time.  I do consort with other folks in trailers as well.  I’ve spent time with Rich Luhr, a guy who’s been running a business from the road for years.  And finally, yes, at one time I was also Hiker Trash!  Oh, and I hang my laundry out off of my awning on a regular basis just to annoy the neighbors.

I’m not exactly sure where I’m supposed to live to be taken seriously.  Maybe an over priced apartment.  Or better yet, a house in the area.  Sure, I do want a home again.  But not today.

Let’s look at me if I were to buy a home in the area today, and we’ll see how having a house here could ease the minds of folks I’m signing a lease with, shall we?

  • Buying a house today would indicate I’m staying in the area.  That’s a plus!
  • It would also indicate that I’m a savvy investor who doesn’t mind over paying for a home that has been inflated by the housing speculation that’s been rampant for nearly a decade.
  • It would indicate that I don’t mind loosing money on an “investment” that is sure to erode further before market stabilization.
  • I could tie up my liquid assets and lock them up into the home.  That way if any catastrophe occurred it would take time to access my savings.
  • Maybe a second mortgage, or better yet, an Adjustable Rate Mortgage would be appropriate, then I wouldn’t tie up all my cash.
  • Of course, like the rest of America I could always use the house for a home equity line, thus treating my home like an ATM.  I’d just have to hope home prices rebound to justify the over leveraging.

Yup, I can see why lack of home ownership at this moment might make future landlords nervous.  Looking at my financial situation we can say the following:  I have no debt at all, I own all of my assets outright, I have liquid assets available at the drop of a hat, and I always pay my bills ahead of schedule.  If I got a house today I’d be in the opposite position, and I can see how that position might be more comforting to some minds!  😉

That last part was sarcasm, just to let you know!

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  1. Yeah…just because you buy a house doesn’t insure anything (except you’re expected to make a mortgage payment every month) I have a wonderful friend that was a home owner for years and then decided she’d had enough with all the repairs and upkeep…sold the house and moved into a maintained apartment instead, and couldn’t be happier. Honestly, it’s not your landlords business if you own a home, or where you live, only if you have the means to pay the rent before you sign a lease (kind of makes one wonder if they mortgaged their house to own the building they own, doesn’t it?) I know several business owners that have shops here that DON’T reside in Prescott at all. They’re all out somewhere else making money, buying for their stores and just keep a store front to check into every once in a while…which sometimes sounds more appealing than hanging out in a shop all day, doesn’t it?

    Just because you have money does not mean that you need to flaunt it or spend it all…and I think being smart with your money does not involve spending way beyond what you make or have…Which may be why there are a lot of people facing the loss of their homes (yet another good reason to wait to buy in town…I think those prices are still going to drop, and Prescott’s home prices have been a BIT inflated over the last few years)

    Oh…and there’s nothing like the smell of fresh laundry that’s been hanging in the sun…just watch for fading, the sun gets intense here 😉

  2. Heck, Rich, I’m trying to talk hubby into selling the condo and living in ours full-time! Makes sense to me. Don’t like the neighbors? Just pick up and go…

    Yep, you’re trella trash…bwahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. One does not own the house; the house owns you. The finest day in my life was ridding myself of ownership of a house to become nomadic full time trailer trash.

    When the day comes to return to stix and brix, it will be a rental unit. Approaches to maintenance will be a call to the landlord.

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