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Not quite posed yet, which is what makes this photo for me. Becky & Sean's wedding offered a ton of wonderful candid moments.

Every time I do a portrait session now I’m ready for anything.  Well, not just anything.  A specific anything.

When I do family portrait sessions we often have the standard fare.  Pose the group this way or that way.  Make sure the lighting looks good.  Position folks so they look realistic, but of course it’s still posed, isn’t it?

In between “setups” when individuals or group members are getting ready to pose I still keep myself at the ready.  Why?  Because it’s those candids that always stand out in my mind.  They’re the images that really rock (for me).  Just like my landscape photography attempts to relay the sense of being there, the candid image is the one that tells me about the person (people) I’m photographing.

During a set last week I had a few candid moments with my clients that really stood out.  One personal favorite can be found below.


So, I ask other photographers out there in cyberspace……  Are you at the ready for those moments?  I hope so.  Those unstructured images say so much!

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