30 Days in the Dells – #2

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Day two in a series of shots in the Dells.  Ah, it not only forces me to post, but it forces me to take more fun walks again.  Like I’ve got the time!  😉

While today was a busy day of house work, laundry, haircuts, etc., I did find time to take walks into the Dells.  Yes, I said walks with an “s”.  Nice to get out and look around again!

Every day I’ve notice the sea of flowers near Watson Lake as I drive home along 89.  Going to or coming from work normally doesn’t leave one wanting to stop and smell the flowers….but it does make you wish you could.  Today I had the opportunity to stop.

Not only did I stop, but I walked out into them too.  You know, living in AZ you should really watch yourself walking into high grass or any other type of ground cover.  I scared the tar out of a HUGE snake, and it scared me too!

Last year at this time this same area didn’t have a sea of flowers.  It was still an interesting scene, but nothing like the one I saw today.

While setting up a cyclist passed me on the trail.  He looked back and stated, “Good spot.”  I heard his wheels rolling off, then they stopped.  He decided to turn around and break out his camera.  Yup, a very good spot indeed!

After walking around in the tall growth tempting fate with snakes I decided to stick to the trail a little more.  The flowers made the scene in any direction look cool.  Since I like the flowers so much I decided to play with some other shots without me in them!

This particular shot makes me think back to my flower photos along Route 66.  That was a fun trip for sure.  And today’s walk was fun.

Finally I wrapped up my afternoon walk and returned home.  A little dinner, a little nap attempt (and failure), and finally one last walk out into the Dells.  The sun was setting and I was hoping to catch it before it went all the way down.

Unfortunately by the time I got up into the rocks the sun had already set.  Still, the clouds and the horizon looked pretty cool.  I sat and watched for a while, I took a few photos, and I did a setup shot that sort of shows you what sitting and watching in the Dells looks like.  😉

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